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Z for Zachariah

No description

Randi-Leigh Gilliland

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Z for Zachariah

Robert C. O'Brien
• His actual name is Robert Leslie Conly.
• Born on January 11, 1918 in Brooklyn, NY.
• Entered Williams College in 1935 but left his second year.
• Married Sarah McCaslin in 1943 and had four children, three girls and one boy.
• Best known for 'Z for Zachariah', which was published posthumously and won an Edgar Award.
• In the 1960's he developed glaucoma.
• Died March 5, 1973 in Washington.

Brief Summary
Ann Burden is a sixteen year old who lives in a valley that is not killed, like the rest of the world, by radiation. Then a guy, Mr. Loomis, comes and she thinks that she has a new friend and someone to talk to. He then gets sick and she has to take care of him. After he is better, he then attacks her and so she has to live out in the woods by herself, again, hiding from someone who wants her dead. They make a compromise, which doesn't last long. . .
Significant Quote 1
• "Z is for Zachariah". This is important, one because it is the title of the book, and two because Zachariah, so she thought, was the last man.
Contribution to American Lit.
• 15 year old girl protagonist character.
• This book was written in a journal/ diary type format.
• Goes into detail about what happened throughout the book.
Theme 1
• Self-reliance: Ann has been alone for a long time and has to rely only on herself and the limited resources she had, even when Mr. Loomis came into the valley.
Mr. Loomis tries harder and harder to hunt down Ann but she still has the advantage. She knows the land. Finally she sets up a genius plan, steals the safe suit and leaves the valley to follow her dream.
Theme 2
• Greed gets you nowhere: Even though Ann did not have to help Mr. Loomis, she did, and even though he tried to kill her, she still did not hurt him. The outcome was somewhat in her benefit, she got to leave the valley and search for her dream.
Z for Zachariah
By: Robert C. O'Brien
Theme 3
• Never give up: Ann has lost all her family, friends, and everyone around her, but yet she never gave up and she is still living and is rather happy with her new life.
Robert C. O'Brien
Significant Quote 3
"Bodies. Just dead bodies. They're all dead." This is important because it tells the living conditions that Ann has to live in and makes us wonder if anyone else is alive.
Significant Quote 2
• "I am hopeful." I think this is important because with her being alone for so many years at the age of 16 and being basically hunted, she is very brave and has had a lot of hope in her.
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