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No description

Zoe Gawronska

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Austrailia

Australia Families Australian Families are
like families in America
eating dinner together and having fun with each other. Dress Australians dress like Americans. Language Australians speak English with an accent Jobs Most jobs in Australia are health care and social assistance. F D L J Knowledge K Australians go to school 200 days a year. G Government Australia's government is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy. I Icon The following are icons of Australia: Kangaroos, dingoes, and kuala bears Economy E Australians use the Australian dollar. Yum Y Many cultures have influenced Australian food. These cultures are English,Italian,Greek and Spanish Z Ztuff The Australian flag is like the British, but the British flag does not have stars on it. British Flag Australian Flag O Organizations The main sports in Australia are rules football, cricket,and rugby. Rugby League P Population Australia's population
in 2011 was 22,620,600. H History In 1788 Britain claimed Australia as a colony.
In 1962 aborigines were given the right to vote.
In 2000 Sydney, Australia hosted the Olympic Games. A Art Some art in Australia was made by the Indigenous Australians X X marks the spot The smallest continent is Australia.
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