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Future Technology

No description

Faris Al-Amer

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Future Technology

Future Technology Comfort will be developed to be the point that a "Robot" will be available in every house. Like this Violin playing robot, created by Toyota, it's aim is to help people in the home or in nursing and medical care. Fuel will no longer be in short supply, because it will only be used for more important matters or simply presrve it. Cars will start working on electricity or by solar power. Homes will be so much more developed, that it will make everything for you! TV's working anywhere you want, cars park automaticly & the toilet flushes by itself. Making your life safer and more comfortable. Finally, an alternative for fuel will be created, known as "Solar Fuel". Using sunlight, this solution will turn into ethanol or diesel ! Medicine will be much more affective. New anti-biotics will be created to heal various diseases like Cancer. Space crafts and transport will developed enough to travel the entire solar system. NASA will then be able travel, maybe, to different galaxies !
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