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ACMP: Change Management and Social Media: Keys to Effective Online Engagement

Leveraging Change Management best practices to encourage social media adoption.

Michael Murray

on 24 April 2011

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Transcript of ACMP: Change Management and Social Media: Keys to Effective Online Engagement

Change Management and Social Media: Keys to Effective Online Engagement “A revolution doesn’t happen when a society adopts new tools,
it happens when a society adopts
Clay Shirky Is YOUR landscape ready? Is your organization clamoring for social media? We need to change perceptions about...
We need to keep employees informed of a change
Employees are apathetic
We need to disseminate information in an emergency
How do we seek and recruit talent?
Employees have lost touch with the larger organization
We need to train our employees What about these guys? Dr. Closed Mind The Silo Captain Conservative By exposing outdated practices, you can begin to get people to ask, ‘why are we doing it this way?’ The right guiding coalition can help mitigate unwilling middle managers, but involving them in the planning process may increase their buy-in as well The guiding coalition can mitigate and marginalize Captain Conservative’s negative influence Where are you?
Where is your organization? Recognize that social media adoption is a long-term investment – the adoption curve could take months or years to evolve Why good ideas fail...* you better use the right strategy Change Management Yeah, that’s a great idea, but we don’t have time for that – just do your job! We’d love to be more collaborative…as long as no one outside of my team can mess with our stuff. This sounds like a great idea, but let’s make sure that we circulate it with everyone and get their buy-in first. Not establishing and maintaining a sense of urgency
Not getting enough leadership on board
Not having a consistent, easily described vision
Under communicating by 100% or 1,000%
Permitting obstacles to derail the change
Not creating short-term wins
Declaring victory too soon
Neglecting to anchor changes into culture Case Study: Hello - A collaboration platform for 25,000 If you're leading change you must... Know your environment

Develop a shared understanding of the problem

Build relationships across teams and from bottom to top

Communicate clearly to answer WIIFM

Collaborate early and often with IT, Privacy, Legal, and anyone else who has a stake

Determine the performance measures and track outcomes NOT outputs

Continually evolve the platform to add value

Manage expectations about what level of adoption is realistic What is your organization trying to achieve? new behaviors.” Zappos has a legendary social media presence and crazy brand loyalty - how'd they do that? So how do I measure this? Tie performance measures back to the business goal
Evaluate effectiveness based on the impact of social media on that goal

Adjust your tactics, but be sure that's the right answer before you do!
Treat the problem, not the symptom. Think of this guy - the symptom is the headache, but the problem is the nail in his head!
What are your symptoms?
What are your problems? What does success look like? Remember 10,000 Facebook fans isn't a goal, it's just an output, it doesn't tell you if you've accomplished anything Are people using the platform to do their jobs more effectively?
Is employee morale increasing?
Are they working more efficiently?
Are you capturing innovative ideas and implementing them?
Is employee engagement increasing?
Have formerly siloed departments begun to collaborate? Embraced change
Engaged and excited their staff
Developed hundreds of brand ambassadors
Focused on engagement, not numbers
Excited people with their product, ease of purchase, speed of delivery Focus on achieving outcomes, not just outputs. Did social media CAUSE the revolutions in the Middle East? Of course not... but it did help people... Share ideas, disseminate information and create a sense of community
Rally and coordinate efforts
Shine the international spotlight on their struggle Ford has taken it to a whole new level....

First major car manufacturer to reveal a new model on Facebook
Ignored Detroit Auto Show, gaining publicity
Integrated Facebook 'Like' button in ad buys
Provided great content including Q&A's with Ford's CEO, engineers, and the VP of Sustainability Results?
60,000 fans engaged, and priceless media coverage But there have been flops as well... Remember this gem? A structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state - Wikipedia If you're going to try and start a revolution... Change Management *From Dr. John Kotter's "Leading Change" June 2009, Open Enterprise 2009 Innovation Award
May 2010, CIO Magazine, CIO 100 A mission whose time had come...
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