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The Westing Game final project

This is my fanal project for The Westing Game.

Cassie Berta

on 7 March 2011

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Transcript of The Westing Game final project

The Westing Game! This is a small summery of the book and a short description of the characters. Characters!!! Summary!!! This book is about 16 tenants that live in Sunset Towers. These people are specific chosen, and even though they may not know it, (almost) all of them are related to the very mysterious Samuel Westing. All of them are called to the reading of the will, where they learn that 1) they are related to Sam Westing. 2) They are playing a game to see who gets the $200,000,000 inheritance. And 3) He was murdered by one of them! The heirs don't have much time as they try to find the answer to the game, getting clues that make no sense and each having his or her own strategy to find out the murderer. But that’s not all! There is also a bookie, a burglar, a bomber, and a big mistake! Over time the heirs turn on each other, but after an arrest, a (fake) death, and a trial from a Turtle, they cooperate to try to win the game. But in the end, the least expected happens. Angela Sdelylle Both Her mother's favorite Golden blond hair Cant think for herself Bomber!!! Engaged/ married to Dr. D. Deere. Wants to be a doctor I did a a circle graph on all the pairs to see what they had in commen. Wear fancy clothes Lives in Sunset Towers Never gets attention Widely hipped Glasses Smart Has fake crutches Mistake!!! Grace W. Mr. Hoo Don't like their kids Work in the restaurant business Live in Sunset Towers Married Chinese Grumpy Good cook Eats alot Snobby Gold-blonde hair sophisticated Soical-climber Drinker Smoker Turtle (Alice) Flora Both Wears braids Has gray hair Kicks shins! Dress maker Loves stock market Lives in Sunset Towers Calls Turtle Alice Sandy Judge Ford Both Door man Judge VERY smart Chip-toothed Black Funny Serious This is my ELP final project! It includes a summary of the book and a comparing circle graph. Turtle's good friend Worked for Sam Westing Her mom worked as a servent
for Sam Westing Played chess with Westing, and he paid for her school Heirs Heirs Heirs Heirs Chris Dr. D. Deere Both In a wheel-chair Theo's brother Bird-watcher Gets people's sympathy Smart Lives in Sunset Towers Heirs Is a docter Married to Angela Doesn't like Turtle Theo Doug Both Teenagers Heirs Live in Sunset Towers Brother of Chris Likes to play Chess Thought the clues were chemicals for chemestry Won the Olympics twice! Married Turtle Winner! Marries Theo Likes to run Worked for his dad at his restaurant then was a sports announcer Dr. Jake W. Mdm. Hoo Bookie!!! Podiatrist Jewish Married to Grace Dropped out of the game Lives in Sunset Towers Can't speak English Great cook Burgler!!! Loves China Otis A. Crow Both Both Detective/ Delivery boy Cleaning Women Sam Westing's X-wife The answer to the game Heirs Likes to say "Boom" Lives in Sunset Towers Likes black Both Married
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