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SMART-ER Targets

SSC Bite Size

Mark DeBlock

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of SMART-ER Targets

Realise the STEPLADDER approach and how to use it
Learning Outcomes
Understand how to make targets SMART
What is S.M.A.R.T.
Targets provide a clear outcome, range
and purpose

For example

I want to lose weight............is not specific

I want to lose 4kg....................is specific
argets provide the criteria needed for success

For example

I want to improve my spelling......is not measurable

I want to improve my spelling by learning 10 new words per week......is measurable
An achievable target is something that you can do

For example

I am going to read all of the Harry Potter books in one day....... is not achievable

I am going to read 10 minutes of Harry Potter everyday......is achievable
Targets take into account your aspirations and long term aims

For example

I will become a midwife by the end of the year..... is not realistic

I will research University courses on midwifery by the
end of the week...is realistic
Targets have a clear time frame

For example

I shall complete my personal statement ....is not timely

I shall complete my personal statement by next Wednesday....is timely
There is no happiness except in the realisation that we have accomplished something.
Henry Ford
Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.
Vincent Van Gogh
Why do we set S.M.A.R.T targets?
Working in pairs, you have five minutes to......

Look at the targets you have been given

Decide whether these targets are SMARTER
Time to turn your targets SMART
Targets are recorded to allow the learner to take ownership

For Example

I spoke to my tutor and we agreed - is not recorded

I spoke to my tutor and we set the target in eTracker - is recorded
Targets ask the learner to push themselves to achieve at a higher level

For Example

I will make sure I pass all my work this year - is not extending.

I will try and make sure I get higher grades than pass in all of my units this year - is extending
Why Does Goal Setting Work?
Helps learners see their achievements
Achieving again and again builds confidence
Sometimes the target of just passing the course seems too far away
So if we can set regular targets it doesn't seem like such a big jump.
This means learners remain motivated and try hard to achieve
Goal Types
- 'I will pass my NVQ'
- 'I will get a better grade than last time'
These are both focused on the result
Process Goals
Process goals focus on how to do something and not the result
This means the learner is focused on the technique of how to do it
This could be:
correct way to hold equipment
correct layout for a written assignment
Building A Stepladder -

Goal Types
Building Your Stepladder
Build the stepladder for a learner for your course
start at induction week
finish at course completion
What STEPS do your learners need?
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