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Chernobyl Virus

No description

Aaron Calder

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Chernobyl Virus

Chernobyl Virus Chernobyl Chen Ing Hau Chen escaped being fined or imprisoned. He got off with a reprimand.
In 2009 he gave a talk at a technology conference
called Freedom HEC Taipei, a hardware conference
promoting open source. Perhaps he has changed his ways. What happened to Chen? Keep your anti virus up to date. Chernobyl has been around for 12 years so all anti virus should recognize it.
Only download things from trusted sources. How can we guard against Chernobyl? Created by 24 year old student
Taipei Tatung Institute
of Technology Little known fact: Chen didn't name his virus. He always signed his code using his initials CIH. The virus has many names: CIH, chernobyl, and others Graham Cluley of Nakedsecurity wrote of Chen, "Former classmates at Taipei's Tatung Institute of Technology said that Chen had boasted of creating the virus, and warned them not to allow their computers to become infected."

Although written in 1999, itinfected many students who did not report the issue. Finally in 2000, the virus was reported and an investigation followed. Chen was discovered to be the author when his Initials CIH (Chen Ing Hau) were discovered in the code, which he commonly used in most of his programs. He also included the initials of his school as well. TTIT (Taipei Tatung Institute of Technology ) What does the Chernobyl Virus do? discovered in 2000
Wrtiten for windows
wipes entire hard drive and BIOS rendering hardware un-useable.
lies dormant, then activates on April 26th, the day of Chernobyl incidental How did they catch Chen?
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