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Copy of Topographic Maps

By: Amy and Emily

Sebnem Golbasi

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Topographic Maps

Topographic Maps Topographic Map: It is a map that shows the relief features of the earth's surface, typically by using contour lines to show changes in elevation. It may also show vegitation, trails, waterways, roads, landmarks, and so on. Mount Fuji So far we have shown topographic maps of high elevation, but they also show lower elevation. They can also show large areas of land. Not just single landforms. Mount Rainier Yosemite Valley Contour lines are lines that show points of equal elevation. Besides using contour lines, topographic maps can also use color to show the different levels of elevation. Here are some examples of topographic maps. Topograpic maps can show many different landforms; a few examples are mountains, volcanoes, trenches, plateaus, and valleys. All of which form along plate boundaries. The World Here are some video clips about topographic maps Texas On a topographic map the area in between the contour lines are called contour intervals. These areas represent the distance between the different points. V patterns on a topographic map
demonstrate which way the water will flow. The closed part of the V points upstream and the open part points in the downstream direction. Here are some facts about topographic maps. On a topographic map people use a map scale to find the length a distance is in real life. For example the most commonly used scale is 1:24,000. That means that one inch on the map is the same as 24,000 inches in the real world. The scale bar is typically at the bottom of the map. Mount Fuji Mount Rainier Yosemite Valley The World Texas By: Sebnem Golbasi V patterns also show ridges and valleys. For ridges the closed part of the V points downhill and for valleys it points up. Water typically flows down valleys, not ridges, so water and valleys both point up. http://howtowilderness.com/map-training/ http://www.scolumbiasd.k12.pa.us/hs/science/vitkauskas/ecology/ecology%20mapping%20webquest.htm http://topomaps.usgs.gov/ http://www.forgefx.com/casestudies/prenticehall/ph/topo/topo.htm Works Cited

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Web. 12 Feb. 2012. <http://www.enchantedlearning.com/geography/mapreading/topo/answers.shtml>. If you look at a topographic map, some areas might be folded with lines that are curvy and slightly overlapping. This reflects the curves that appear in the rock because of erosion and weathering. Rocky Mountains Rocky Mountains Appalachian Mountains Appalachian Mountains Squaw Valley Squaw Valley Lake Superior Lake Superior Middle Bass Island Middle Bass Island
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