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Prezi in the Classroom

No description

Tara Gonder

on 25 October 2014

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Transcript of Prezi in the Classroom

Prezi in the Classroom
The Browser Does Matter!
When you and your students are working with Prezi at school, be sure to use Google Chrome. This will save much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
Prezi is a
Right-Brainer's Dream
(and a Left-Brainer's Nightmare)
Students who like to process information sequentially sometimes get frustrated with Prezi. These students often become obsessed with ordering their slides each time they add information. It may take them a longer to time to complete their Prezi if they find it difficult to adapt to the format.

Prezi works well for students who are happy to throw their research onto the canvas, and then process it later. Prezi is a very good test of students' ability to organize and synthesize information.

Prezi is also an excellent online tool for creating mind maps and/or concept maps.
Prezi Offers Great How-To Videos
Prezi is a versatile, dynamic presentation software that students can use to present information, create mind/concept maps, and demonstrate knowledge. Prezi can be used for both formative and summative assessments. Best of all, Prezi allows opportunities for collaboration.
A variety of templates offers students the choice to express themselves. In addition, talking about the choice of template can engage critical thinking skills. What template best reflects the subject matter, overall mood, etc. that will best complement the presentation? This can be one of the evaluation criteria for the assignment.
Choosing a Template
Some Prezi templates
Tech Tip
How to Create a Shortcut Link

1. Exit from the Prezi.
2. Click on the "Share" button which appears at the bottom of the Prezi frame.
2. A screen will appear which offers a link for copying.
3. Click on "Copy Link". Prezi will indicate that the link has been copied.
4. Open up your Documents file (s:drive).
5. Right click on white space, Select "New" and "Shortcut" from the drop-down menus.
6. Copy the link (URL) into the field which appears. Click "Next".
7. Give your Prezi link a name. If students are handing in their Prezis for evaluation, they should probably enter their names in the "Type a Name for this Shortcut" field.
8. Click "Finish".
9. The new Prezi link can now be copied into a teacher's HandIn folder. It will appear as an Internet Explorer link, since IE is our default browser. This will not affect your ability to access or play the presentation.

Tech Tip
How to Collaborate in Prezi

1. Use Google Chrome to work in Prezi.
2. All students must create a Prezi account. (They will need a working email in order to do this.)
3. One student in the group creates the initial Prezi. Once the Prezi has been created, the owner exits the Prezi.
4. The owner then clicks on the "Share" button. A link will appear.
5. Click on "Copy Link". The owner then enters the email address(es) of the person/people who are going to be co-editors of the Prezi.
6. The other group members open their email, and click on the link provided. This allows them to enter the Prezi as editors.
7. When more than one person is working on the Prezi, coloured avatars will appear. Students can work on the Prezi at any time, as long as they have internet access.
Tech Tip
How to Add a View to the Pathway

1. Your Prezi template will have pre-designated pathway stops. If you wish to add a new "slide" to your presentation, you need to create a "custom view".
2. Scroll in (or out) to position the object or text as you wish it to appear in your presentation.
3. Click on "Edit Path" button (bottom of the Pathway screen to the left of your Prezi).
4. Click on "Create Custom View". Prezi will snag your screen image and add it as a new view.
5. Slide your new "slide" to the spot you wish it to appear in your presentation.
Tech Tip
How to Change Template Colours:

1. Click on the "Customize" tab. This directs you to the "Theme Wizard".
2. Choose from the pre-fabricated colour pathways OR
3. Click on the "Advanced" bar at the bottom of the Customize panel
4. Choose an item you need to re-colour
5. Go to
6. Create your custom colour
7. Copy the numbers which appear in the "R", "G" and "B" fields.
8. Paste these into the corresponding fields of the Theme Wizard

Tech Tip
How to Add Background Music to Your Prezi

1. Any .mp3 file can be used.
2. Using YouTube is an easy way to create an .mp3 music file if you don't already have one available.
3. Locate your music on YouTube. Copy the URL (web address).
4. Go to www.youtube-mp3.org and click on "Convert Video". Paste the URL into the field provided. Click on the "Download" link.
5. You will receive a message saying, "Video Successfully Converted".
6. Click on the "Download" link. Your download will appear in the bottom left of your monitor screen. This indicates that your download was successful.
7. Go back to your Prezi. Click on "Insert" from the top menu bar. Choose "Add Background Music". Find your file in "Downloads". Click on "Open" and Prezi will indicate that your music file is loading.

Prezi Offers Opportunities for Creativity
Prezi's Place in Evaluations
Prezi allows you to add images, music, document files, and videos.

A variety of layouts allows you to create a unique way of delivering information.
Portable Prezis
Once your Prezi is complete, there are four ways it can be viewed:
in your Prezi account in "Show" mode
in a live shortcut link
a downloaded presentation file
a PowerPoint (Prezi will also convert a PowerPoint into a Prezi, but it won't have the same impact)
Tech Tip
Downloading a Prezi

Once you are finished creating your Prezi, you may want to download the Prezi file. This is advantageous if you are not sure that you will have access to internet.

1. Exit (or log in to) your Prezi.
2. Click on the "Download" button which appears below your Prezi.
3. Wait for your download to appear. (FYI: At school, this threatened to take six hours; at home it took about three minutes.)
4. Locate the Prezi file in your downloads. Save it into your documents, or save it to a USB.

presented by

Tara Gonder
How to Add an Image to Prezi

1. You can use Prezi's ability to insert an image directly from Google, or you may use your own images.
2. To insert an image from Google, click on "Insert" located in the top of the Prezi menu. Click on "Image".
3. A panel will appear at the right of your screen. Fill in your search criteria in the Google search field and browse your results. Double-click on the desired image, and your selected image will appear in the Prezi.
4. If you wish to load your own images, click on "Select Files". Go to the drive and select the file which contains your chosen image.
NOTE: Prezi only recognizes .png and .jpg files. If you have .gif or .bmp, they will not appear when you search for them. You can easily convert most pictures to a .png or .jpg by opening the file, clicking on "Save As" and choosing a .png or .jpg file extension.
Tech Tip
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