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Kylee Shannon

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Israel

Israel Hatikva - The National Anthem of Israel There are 7.4 million people who live in Israel and more than 90% of Israelis live in cities, which are Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa. About 76% of Israelis are Jewish, and about two-thirds of them were born in Israel. By law, all Jews in the world have the right to immigrate to Israel, as long as they can prove their Jewish heritage. The first known history about Israel started in 2000 BC when Abraham and his people move Canaan! In 333 BC, Alexander the Great conquered the area, bringing it under Greek control, and in 135 AD, the Romans made almost all the Jews leave Palestine,which is now Israel. In the past, many Israelis lived on a kibbutz, a rural community where practically everyone shared. But now, less than 5% of Israelis still live like this. Natalie Portman, an actress, was born in Jerusalem, Israel to a Jewish family. In Hebrew, 'hello' and 'goodbye' are the same word; shalom (shah-LOHM) In Hebrew, 'please' is Bevakasha (beh-VAH-kah-sha) and 'THank you' is Toda (toh-DAH) That's an example of some Hebrew This is the Israeli New Sheqel. It is $0.27 to the US dollar Falafel, balls of fried chickpea batter, is usually eaten in a pita bread sandwich. This is falafel Israel covers only 8,019 square miles, that's about the size of New Jersey! Even though Israel is fairly small in size, but is home to different land types; Negev Desert with mountains, craters, and oases. The lowest point on earth happens to be in Israel, and is located in the Jordan Rift Valley, at 1,339 feet below sea level! Once, every few years, one day it snows in Jerusalem.
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