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Google Glass

The Technology of Tomorrow

King James

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Google Glass

Google Glass Original Idea What Does it look like In Use Demo Glass's Features How does it work? Fundamental Components Benefits vs. Disadvantages Future Welcome to The World of Glass Initially Both Sergey Brin ,(Head of Project) and Isabelle Olsson, (Chief Designer, decided to attach a pathway to technology closer to your senses so it easy to retrieve quick information. The Technology of Tomorrow Google glass is a private project funded by a small group within the company. It initiated with Sergey Brin trying to solve the problem with the imbalance between social communication, living life, and being exposed to technology. It looked a little like this The wearable device appears to look like a pair glasses with an enhancement Sleek aluminum body Durable frame for both indoor and outdoor use indoor outdoor Multiple designs to... To aid multiple fashions Lightweight Frame Original design weighed over 8 pounds.
New design weighs in less than an average of
pair sunglasses. And now onto Glass's features The display resolution is the "equivalent of a 25-inch high definition screen from eight feet away", Image reflects pupil Display is above line of sight to prevent distraction Nose pads contain polymer substance to enforce grip on nose and ensure stability This section of the device contains unique audio device that emits vibrations that travel into back of ear and directly to senses that we interpret as speech . This is called a Bone Conduction Transducer system that does away with the need for earphones by transmitting audio directly to the user's skull Touch pad is used to aid voice and control features being used 16Gb of mobile storage 24 hours of battery life The camera takes photos at five megapixels and video at 720p (hd) Visual display that notifies user of event or message Camera can take high resolution pictures and HD video with just a vocal command Attachable Shades GPS navigation and live traffic
Ability to send or receive any type of message
Take a picture or video
Video chat with anyone else
Call someone via Blue tooth
Locate a friend
Search anything on Google
Watch any Youtube video
Smart scroll http://www.zdnet.com/google-glass-is-finally-here-tech-specs-released-first-units-shipped-7000014066/



http://www.zdnet.com/google-glass-youll-kiss-your-privacy-goodbye-and-you-wont-mind-a-bit-7000012254/ Google Glass operates similar to a google phone or tablet. Like previously stated, the device has Google+, Google Now, Gmail, and Google Maps. Whenever a planned event, message or email is received or notified on the account connected to the device, a soft beep will sound along with a visual notification on the display.

However if you wanted to Google anything, or get any type of information there's a different process. Since Glass uses a voice recognition software similar to Google Voice, there are a set of commands used so you can get the information you want. These all require you to tap the side touch pad and start by saying "Ok Glass". Here's some examples. Type of Information/Feature Verbal Command Record video "Ok, Glass, record a video" Take picture "Ok, Glass, take a picture." Use Google Now "Ok, Glass, [question]." Start Google+ hangout "Ok, Glass, hang out with [person/circle]." Search "Ok, Glass, google [search query]." Search photos "Ok, Glass, google photos of [search query]." Give Directions Send Message "Ok, Glass, send a message to [name]."
"Ok, Glass, send [name] that [message]."
"Ok, Glass, send [message] to [name]." Display Weather none/automatically (Google Now)
"Ok, Glass, how is the weather in [location]?"
"Ok, Glass, do I need an umbrella today?" "Ok, Glass, give directions to [place]." The device may seem uncomfortable at first to people who don't already where glasses Enables Blue-tooth connection to any Google phone and can transmit a call with a simple tap. This device provides instant information or notifications without a distraction. Enables user to capture meaningful, or special moment without having to wish they had a camera with them. Pros vs. Cons Bone Conduction Transducer system allows speech recognition software to verbally respond to the user without the use of any uncomfortable headphones, or ear pieces. Has the ability to recognize a family member or friend from a Google circle in a crowd based on physical characteristics. Uses Enhancements Google is currently considering teaming up with Ray Ban (Prescription Glasses Company) to formulate a design that could incorporate Glass technology into a prescription pair of glasses. In the next decade Google Glass will surely become an essential tool in our lives. So far, people have begun using this technology in... The filming industry
Construction Sites (viewing blueprints)
Surgery, live training
Viewing an instruction video while performing a task
Law Enforcement, proof with documented video
High speed replay in sports Thank You for Your Undivided Attention Bibliography
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