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CIP Presentation

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David Ramirez

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of CIP Presentation

Drought Management and Resilience Building: From Ecosystems to plant functional traits
II. Resilience, Drought and Scales
III. Functional traits and their relationship with drought tolerance in potato
Global Program of Integrated Crop and Systems Research
Production System and the Environment Sub-Program
David A. Ramírez
Objective 2
SO2: Enhancing Food Security in Asia through the Intensification of Local Cereal-based systems with the “Precocious” Potato
de Goede & Brussaard. 2002. Soil zoology: an indispensable component of integrated ecosystem studies. European Journal of Soil Biology 38:1-6



mulch (wood shavings)

Crusted soil

* Climate Change
*Land Management
Resilience and Drought
Resilience across different organizational scales
Regional Scale
Cropping Systems

I. Challenges posed by Climate Change in the CIP-Strategic Objectives development
Sommer et al. (2013). Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environments 178: 78-99
Chen et al. / Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 5 (2013) 116-127
Elmqvist et al./ Front. Ecol. Environm. 1(9): 488-494
Breeding Programmes
Sommer & de Pauw.
Sommer & de Pauw
Plant Traits
Endogenous and exogenous rhythms
Phenological states and drought timing effect
Integrative traits
Source: Shipley (2010) . From plant traits to vegetation structure. Cambridge University Press.

Trait : “is any measured property of a thing or an average property from a collection of things”
(Shipley 2010)




Carbon Isotopes


* Integrative across the growing period
* Relationship with high levels of spatial scales

Source: Jarvis (1995)
Sommer & de Paul. Plant Soil (2011) 338:273-288
Final Remarks
* Response Diversity Resilience
* SOC Conservation and Monitoring
* Definition of Drought Scenarios
* Integrative functional traits
* Interaction with biotic and abiotic stresses
Laser-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy

D. Milori, A. Segnini, W. Da Silva, A. Posadas, V. Mares, R. Quiroz, & L. Martin-Neto
& contributions from L. Claessens & K. Shepherd

Emerging techniques for soil carbon measurements

Thomas, R.J. 2008. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment 126: 34-45
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