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Sarah Olmstead

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of checks

All About Checks placement of endorsement

-The time between receipts of the deposit by the bank and its
availability to the depositor is called the float.

-Endorsements must be made in the 1 1/2 inch space on the left side
of the check. If the endorsement is placed outside of the 1 1/2 inch
space the check may be returned and you could be held reliable for
the fees.

Tips for good check writing

1. Write checks only on the forms provided by your bank.

2. Write checks in only ink.

3. Only write checks if you have money in your account to cover them. If you don't you will overdraw: writing a check for more money than is in one's account.

4. Use the current date. If you don't do this you will have a post dated check.

5. Avoid making checks payable to cash or bearer.

6. Always fill in amount.

7. Void checks on which you make errors on.

8. Record every amount from your checking account, whether the payment is by check or EFT. Vocabulary

Check Stub- a form of attached to a check on which a depositor keeps a record of the checks written & any current deposit

Endorsement- written evidence that you received payment or that you transfered your right of receiving payment to someone else

Forgery- the crime of writing another person's signature on the check without his or her's authority

Restrictive endorsement- an endorsement that limits the use of a check to the person given in the endorsement

Check register- a seperate form on which the depositor keeps a record of deposits & checks

Overdrawing- writing a check for more money than is in one's account

Postdated check- a check dated later than the date on which it is written

Special endorsement- an endorsement including the name of the person to whom the check has been transferred

Blank endorsement- an endorsement consisting of only the endorser's name

Check Activity

Stores: Target, Walmart, AJ's, Brookstone, Victoria Secret, Scheels, Famous Footwear, Hollister Co., Fareway, TanWorld, Goodwill

Items: lotion, hair brush, bike, underwear, massage chair, cami, knee pads, Tony's supreme pizza, flip flops, jeans, Puma's, tanning package, fish tank, fragrance, bread

Prices: 2.99, 1.99, 49.99, 34.88, 99 cents, 78.99, 46.89, 10.49, 200.75, 879.96, 5.99, 54.82, 3.25, 4.95, 25 cents
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