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the monkey's paw

english 2 hp short story prezi

mariella gonzales

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of the monkey's paw

Paw by:W.W.Jacobs Dynamic: Characters that change
Round: Complex and 3-dimensional characters.
Mr. and Mrs. White were both the dynamic and round characters because they started with the eagerness to make a lot of wishes but they slowly developed into being hesitant about what happened and the wishes that they made. MAJOR:
-Mr. White (father)
-Mrs. white (mother) MINOR:
-Herbert White (son)
-Sergeant Major Morris
-Representative (walked in with the sergeant) Themes:
1. Be careful for what you wish for
2. Be more specific when making your wishes
3. Don't underestimate too soon ` During a cold wet night in Laburnam Villa, Sergeant Major Morris slowly introduces the White family to the paw. He talks about the purpose of the paw and the three wishes that it would grant, but with all the excitement that went through the White family, the sergeant then talked about the previous owner of the monkey's paw and the horrific incident that occurred. It was said that the wishes of the paw were too horrible that the last wish was used for suicidal death, foreshadowing that the monkey's paw is ironically appalling. Herbert, the son of Mr. White, becomes skeptical about the paw not working but the first wish made to have 200 pounds of money, backfired on Herbert with the end of his death. Mr. White doesn't believe that the paw was bad luck even when the sergeant threw it into the fire showing that he wanted to get rid of it. After the first wish that gave them the 200 pounds but ended with Herbert's death, Mrs. White has an epiphany to bring her son back and use the second wish for Herbert. The second wish was used without thought and concluded with mysterious knocking throughout the house, but Mr. White ends up regretting what the wish did especially after the knocking became more rapid. Mr. White makes an ominous wish that makes the knocking stop. Static: Characters that remain the same throughout the story
Flat: Simple and one dimensional characters
Herbert and Sergeant Major Morris were both the static and flat characters in the Monkey's Paw because Herbert was skeptical throughout the entire story and the Sergeant had one motive through the whole short story which was to warn about the paw and get rid of it. song: CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR by: EMINEM Eminem sings a song about his fame, life, and how he's living his dream, but it became too much. He wishes for the perfect life but it became too overwhelming External:
Eminem deals with the media, fans, and all the craziness that comes with being famous. Internal:
Eminem second-guesses his wishes that made his life regretful THEMES 1. Be cautious when making wishes
2. Everything is not what it seems
3. Think before you act Eminem is dissatisfies with how
his wish turned out and is now facing
the consequences of his actions. He is now more conscious of himself and starts to second guess his decisions. Eminem goes through the pain and suffering that his wishes have brought him and his life. The common them between the song and the story is "Be careful what you wish for." In the story, the White family regrets the wishes that they have made and now wants to take it all back. Similar to the "Monkey's Paw," Eminem wished to be famous but it became to overwhelming and he ends up regretting his wish. COMMON THEME:
BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR In summary, you should think twice about what you want and wish accordingly, but it's especially important to appreciate life and not be greedy by asking for more.
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