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3.06 War At Home: Honors

No description

Kayla Russell

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of 3.06 War At Home: Honors

War At Home: Honors
By: Kayla Russell
WW1 v.s 9/11
Were They Similar?? Or Different??
World War 1
Germans and Islams have been treated very poorly in the decades passed. Both have been through hard times that has cost them everything such as their jobs, families, time, accessories, necessities, and even their own life. They needed to be treated better than that. Often, we americans, assume things. It is not all of us but some of us. We take it out on the people who are the most innocent.
The horrible event on 9/11 was unbelievable but half of the Islam/ Arab population never knew about it. But we still blame every Islamic/ Arab out there. Same with the germans! We did go to war with Germany in WW1, and yes it was tragic. But I bet that most of the germans did not want that to happen. We took most of the problems out on germans who were also innocent.
In my belief, it is horrible to persecute people who came to America for a better life, we wouldn't have wanted it done to us! Besides, they came here for themselves not the government. During WW1 and 9/11, the government always have a bad habit of stereotypes and persecution, not to mention propaganda to point fingers. When America was fighting in WW1, the american government had encouraged the citizens to be suspicious of the German- Americans. But during 9/11, it was just the hostility that was directed towards americans who were islamic. We had often discouraged them. These Arabs/ Americans were not born into any religion such as Islam/ Muslim. It was their choice, they could reject it at any time .
To prove a point, German- Americans whose ancestry was from Germany were supposedly enemies to Americans whereas as I said before, Islam was just a religion that any state or person could adopt. Also, their are many Arab states to this day that are allies with America!! The government of Germany was to blame for WW1, not the people. Whereas the government that joined in on 9/11 wasn't even Arabic, it was the Afghanistan Taliban government. The actions of the Americans towards Islamic people were harsh but not as bad as the Germans. America often thought that the German- Americans would be used as spies to win the war. But that was not always the case. Islam people were actually seen the same way even though the people who were involved took flight lessons in America!!
America did not want to be in the war in WW1 because it was a big issue in time and money. They did not even want to get into any problems with the Arabs too, but that didn't work. Even though we, Americans, have been through WW1 and 9/11 we should just let it go and make peace. We should forgive and forget before we get ourselves in to worse trouble in the future.We caught Osama Bin Laden already! We fought the big war against Germany and won!! It would be nice to stop all this corruption and be allies/ friends. We are all not perfect, but we do and can make the world a better place.
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