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Business Start Up Prezi

No description

Aditya Pahade

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Business Start Up Prezi

THE TEAM Aditya Pahade
-CEO Joint Partner BodyTec
30% stakeholder
MEng Warwick University
5 Years Business Consulting Experince
Key Traits: Achiever; Responsibilty; Focus Clinical Trials Expert
Experience with MHRA
10% Stakeholder
Key Traits: Responsibility, Individualisation, Leadership Joint Partner Bodytec
30% Stakeholder
MEng Warwick University
3 Years Marketing Experience
Key Traits: Intellection; Responsibility; Individualisation Aidan Wingfield
-Marketing and Sales Dami Eri Oni
-Shareholder Roham Khazraei
-Shareholder Jungryul Ahn
-Shareholder THE PRODUCT Approx 50μm How small is it? ...You could fit 3 onto a single human hair Our device How it works In the UK, people with type 1 diabetes is forecast
to increase 4% per year.

30% of the population are said to suffer
from diabetes by 2015. How does it work? Our product is
implanted under
the skin USPs No need to draw blood several times a day. Live monitoring allows for more convinience and mobility to users. Loud sound and visual alerts allow for greater
safety compared to conventional systems. Massive cost reduction to current products on
the market... ... Whilst still competing on quality
with all other products on the market. THE PROBLEM Distinct lack of competitively priced, automated, blood sugar monitoring systems in the market. This results in less mobility and inconvenience for type one diabetes patients. More severely, Lower Life Expectancy. Our product targets and exploits the gap in the market. Giving instant improvements in lifestyle and health to those who use it. THE MARKET 52.8 million people in Europe have diabetes. 1/10 are type 1. 350 million people in the world suffer from diabetes. Hence, the potential market is And when the blood
sugar gets too low... THE BUSINESS PROPOSITION 1: We promote the device throughout our 6 target countries. Personal Visits Professional conferences Professional journals 2: Private health care offers product Through Insurance Through patient payment 3: Implant sold at cost price Allowing us to make profit margins on the app £150/year MEng Electronic Engineering
Head of product development
Created Bodytec glucose sensor
Key Traits: Analytical; Responsibility, Harmony 52.8 Million Break Even at 3313 Units HUGE Sound Alert Other Costs Prototype Devt £7500 IPR Costs
for Europe. £4400 UK IPR Costs (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr £596,200 £250,000 Warwick University to
manufacture a prototype
device. £200,000 Funding to
work on Ahn's concept. £50,000 extra
contingency. £4300 MHRA Approval
Including clinical trials. THE GRANT PROPOSAL Asyraf Syahmi Abi Sofian
-Shareholder Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 1 FINANCING No Payback Lower estimate- £180,000 Normal Estimate-£360,000 Lower Estimate- £180,000 Lower Estimate
Interest Payback- £360,000 Retain 10% share of the
business Exit Strategy
Option 1 Exit Strategy
Option 2 Lower Estimate Buyout £400,000 Normal Estimate Buyout £917,000 Total Payback- £360,000 INVESTMENT Venture Capitalist £360,000 For 100% return +
10% stake in business. Call/Text Alert Price Quality Graph THE MARKETING £300,000 for device prototypes
£30,000 pay for volunteers. £346,200 http://topfullhdwpp.com/red-blood-cells-full-hd/red-blood-cells-flying-down-the-strjpg/ Price Quality Medtronic CGM
82.5% market share Omnipod
10% Market Share Dexcom
3% Market Share Liberator
3.5% Market Share Body Tec CGM Accucheck
1% Market Share The Big Picture Lasts indefinately in the body. Secretary and Grant Proposal
Key Traits: Competition, Harmony, Belief Finance
Key Traits: Activator, Developer, Harmony £360,000 100 Sample Products

£500 / Product Total Cost £50,000 Office Space for 8 Cost £25,400 Cost pool for one barrister Cost £50,000 Marketing (Conferences) Cost £40,000 Marketing (Sales Reps) Cost £30,000 (Initial 4 months wages) IPR Costs £3,600 One Off Fixed Costs Costs £135,000 Contingency Costs £26,000 Investment Breakdown Year 3 Normal Estimate
Interest Payback £360,000 TO CONCLUDE Grant funding worth £596,200 Phase 1 Phase 2 VC Funding worth £360,000 Future Grow business organically into Europe, the UK and America. Expand product range into other
implantable sensors. 5.28Million Primary Market 1.76 Million 176,000
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