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Sports Medicine : The Team Behind the team

No description

Emilie Botello

on 21 June 2015

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Transcript of Sports Medicine : The Team Behind the team

The world of Sports Medicine affects the community as a whole by teaching students everyday how to unite for a common dream, to help those around us, and give back. Then to reach our desired career and make students dreams into achievements, and with those achievements, we can pay it forward to the community.
Thank YouThank You!
CIrcle of Care
The CIrcle of care is a tool used to define the individuals and activities related to the care of a patient

*Helps the sports medicine world know what the levels are
Sports Medicine Helps Students Work as a team
The Team Behind The Team

* The Sports Medicine Program
allows many students to work together
to achieve a common goal... to help
the commmunity

* This program gives students a challenge,
a responsibility, and a chance to take a
glimpse at a possible career
When You're In Need, We Got The Right Trainer in Deed
Sports Medicine : The Team Behind the team
*Sports Medicine is all about the community

*Sports Medicine student trainers love helping all athletes of all ages and all schools
- at every sporting event Sports Medicine Trainors are there for every athlete, and every competition
Football, Soccer, Baseball/Softball, track/field, cross country, etc
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