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info lit prezi

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Amber D

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of info lit prezi

How to Cite a Periodical Definition of works cited: "A term used (MLA style), to refer to the list of items included in the bibliography of a research paper. ..."

"A listing of articles, books, dissertations and other works that are quoted or paraphrased in an article or paper."

Periodicals can also be called a serial.
Definition of Works Cited By: Sarah and Amber
8B Ask Diana There are many types of periodicals. Magazines, newspapers, and formal journals are examples of different periodicals.
Diana Hacker says, "Put titles of articles in quotation marks; italicize the titles of magazines, journals, and newspapers. For dates requiring a month, abbreviate all months except May, June, and July. Add the medium at the end of the entry.." Examples of Periodicals Reasons why we use citations 1. To see what sources you have already used

2. To allow readers to confirm your steps.

3. To safeguard sources that can be easily destroyed.

4. To avoid opposition of ownership of the information

5. To recommend sources to others.
More reasons why we use citations 6.Gives credit to the author of the information.
7.Avoids disagreements over plagiarism
8.Helps readers find other research on the topic of the information
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