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Untitled Prezi

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Alisher Khojanazarov

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Smart TV Smart TV can be defined as a television set with united Internet features Access to
social media There are several features, which can differentiate the Smart TV from TV itself Internet Surfing Content Cloud services North America 18%. Latin America10% Western Europe 29% Russia
Over 10% China 30% Japan 36% 30% of all TVs shipped worldwide were smart TVs Popularity of Smart TV Kazakhstan ”For different consumers there are different essential requirements for Smart TV” Popular websites in Kazakhstan Local applications Afisha (MAF) Tengrinews.kz kiwi.kz Total audience - 150 mln. people. Philips platform Great features Kazakhstani media channels do not hurry to create own content Number of people who buy Smart TV is increasing 9, 4 million
Internet users Top 100 No difference between Smart TV from ordinary computer Favorite programs, news and TV shows in the “catch up” mode is what really makes tv smart. Internet surfing No difference Video content "Catch up" mode Enough of the local and popular content available for Internet surfing The key factor of popularity - availability of TV shows and video through applications (Samsung Electronic America ) Russia Example - STS Media Holding Russian media holding “STS”, “Domashniy”, “Perets”,
“Videomore” (Video sea), “Ren TV”, “Pyatiykanal” (Fifth chanel), Chanel 31 Few of them have just started a streaming video in the internet Advertisement Main advantage - significant profit from placing advertisements online The internet now accounts for 23.5% of all advertising money spent in the UK, while TV ad spends accounts for 21.9% of marketing budgets (Mark Sweney 2009) Q Media Research • Wider audience Creative synergy Using TV and Online together Brand awareness Effectiveness of advertisement 2.Inappropriate training opportunities for content converters. 3.Difficulty to create applications for particular TV platforms. 4.Low motivation and commitment at the decision– making level to change the situation. Reasons which makes it difficult for media companies to develop video content in Smart TV: 1.Limited financial resources. Business plan
Feasibility study Foreign specialists Outsourcing Platform Alliance’s core standard is HTML5 - mark up language for structuring and presenting content for World Wide Web. Finance Training and recruitment program Operations Smart TV Alliance "Build once, run everywhere"
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