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Resume Writing - High School

This prezi is designed for high school level resume building and teaching. It shows an example of a resume and discusses the different parts and order of arrangement appropriate for young adults.

Sarah Thursby

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Resume Writing - High School

Resume Building High School Level Sample Resume Name Contact information
* Personal Flavor * Depending on degree of job and/or personal preference, 7 parts of resume Objective
Extracurricular activities
Employment experience Home Address Contact # Contact
Email NAME can be all caps or not
Entire section can be centered, left, or right justified Education
Awards and honors
Personal skills
References Other than CONTACT INFORMATION,
arranging order of parts depends on:
Job you are applying for Have a solid list of 2-4
references with you! Formatting: Again, details can be altered for personal flavor
KEEP PROFESSIONAL LOOKING Make resume aesthetically pleasing
"Nice looking to the eye" Example: All dates should line up nicely Spelling, grammar, and PUNCTUATION It is essential to write addresses, titles, and places correctly! If you want the job that badly,
make a your resume perfect! Have several adults and peers
read through and alter your work! Good luck! FIRST AND LAST NAME
Street Address
City, State Zip
Phone # (include area code)
email address (not hyperlink) This statement discusses your interest and why it's relevant to job you're applying for. List as many extracurricular activities
as you have been in.

You can choose to bullet this section if
you would like. Space out each activity. List dates of each
activity over here.

Do either years or
months and years. List the professional jobs you have had.

Be sure to be honest! They can check. List your high school first, then
middle or elementary.

If you've changed schools, just include
most recent. Any awards you've received are good to
include. Honor roll, outstanding.... List any specific skills you have
Communication skills
People skills Objective Extracurricular activities Employment experience Education Awards and honors Personal skills References Available
upon request
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