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The Properties of Light in A Camera

Analyzing a camera. How does this technology impact society?

Emma Kulcsar

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of The Properties of Light in A Camera

Cameras What is a Camera? :O Parts:
View finder: Where someone can look in and see a smaller image of what they are about to take a picture of.
Mirrors: Used to direct light from the object, into your eyes so it can be seen.
Shutter: Shuts the mirror so light can pass through to the film.
Lens: A converging lens used to create a smaller image to fit on the film.

1.) When you take a photograph of an object, light from the object travels to the camera and is refracted by the lens.
2.) This converged image will hit a mirror, and reflect into another, then finally reach your eye.
3.) When a picture is taken, the shutter closes, so the converged light can form an image on the film.

The image on the film is a real image because light rays actually meet there. The image is smaller than the object, because the object is a lot further away than the focal length of the lens and the image is inverted but the camera flips the image so that we see it the right way up. A camera is a device that is used to transfer a small image of a larger object onto either a sheet of film or a space on a digital hard drive. It does this with the use of lenses and mirrors. Topic Analyze a technological device that makes use of the properties of light and evaluate the impact it has on society. How does the camera work? Shutter closed.
Mirror moves so light can go to film How does it make use of
the properties of light? Cameras make use of lights property of refraction. Its lens is converging so it produces an inverted real image. Light comes from large distant objects and converges into smaller real images on film as long as the object is beyond 2F'. The lens will move in and out when the object is not at the right distance, so the image will be clear.(Focusing) S: Smaller
A: Inverted
L: Between F and 2F
T: Real Lenses Plane Mirrors Cameras use the law of reflection to reflect the converged light to the view finder (when the shutter is open). The law of reflection states that the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection. This predictable manner in which light travels is why cameras use accurately placed mirrors Angle of incidence = 50* Angle of reflection= 50* Since the object's light has already gone through the lens, one will see a smaller image in the view finder. Pros With the help of the lens, we do not have to be far away from objects to take pictures of them. If the image was not converged, we could not stand close to an object to take a picture of the whole thing. Without a lens, it would be like looking through a toiletpaper roll, and only seeing a small area of an object. With mirrors, we can easily see our image without being directly behind it. They reflect the light towards the top of the camera, so there is room for film to be infront of the incoming light. Since the film is needed to be in this location, without mirrors, we would not be able to see what we are taking pictures of. Cons The only negative aspect of this device would be the quality of photos it may take. This all depends on the photographers knowledge and the quality of camera being used. Also, cameras are limited with what kind of photos they can take. For example, one cannot take a detailed picture of the moon with a simple digital camera. Cameras in Society Cameras have been in use since as far back as the 11th century. Recently, their uses are much greater, as they have been used to capture moments in time and create visualizations for millions of people. They have created a new course for visual contact, because now people can see images from around the world. They are used in all types of industries, such as in fashion, media, sports, and newspapers. Cameras have made a great impact on society because now we all can have the chance to capture a moment in time and share it with thousands of other people, whether it is an artwork, or a family picture. The End :D Works Cited http://mynelsonscience.com/perspectives/grade10/organizer/schoolwax/content/science_10/yudu/sc10_se_extra/resources/index.php?schoolwax_sid=f4667242e3ce7d0aec2e82bc5edec6cf&application_path=/perspectives/grade10/organizer/schoolwax/&resource_id=4 http://www.ehow.com/about_4574467_what-camera.html http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-G1Jk21GMlJw/TdXUxIY89ZI/AAAAAAAAAAQ/yNGOYp9zxpU/s1600/how+camera+works-clicked+state.png http://www.howstuffworks.com/camera.htm
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