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Archetypes in The Hero Journey

The most common archetypes that accompany the Hero.

Janell Ramos

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of Archetypes in The Hero Journey

The real “monster” the HERO must face
The real challenge comes from the SHADOW
Worthy opponent for HERO
The HERO will face death, face the ultimate sacrifice
The Hero Journey
You are the HERO
of your own life
You are on the journey of self-discovery
The journey doesn't start at some predetermined time: It HAPPENING right now!
You share in humanity by actively knowing you are your own HERO, and that you are connected to everyone else through your common, but separate journeys.
Announces change is coming, usually the HERO doesn't want to hear it
The Herald's message light's a fire inside the HERO's mind
the mentor is usually the herald, but not always

Threshold Guardian
Not generally the main antagonist
Guards the “threshold” between the Ordinary World and the New World
Puts obstacles in HERO’S path
Serves to test the HERO
Shape Shifter
Evil masquerading as good
Crafty, underhanded, sneaky
May appear one way, yet be another in order to test HERO
IS A BAD GUY!!! Sometimes, it's the SHADOW trying to get close to the hero to destroy him
SARUMON the White
Hero Journey in Film
The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey…

Man is the Origin of Evil

You are like the mythic HEROES of great stories who must make choices and pay the consequences.
who is for me and who is against me?
Who do you trust?
You will cross a great ABYSS (many times)
You are the agent of change, bringing positive or negative sources into your journey
By studying myths and fairy tales, you can learn about life…the HERO archetype reveals many aspects of what life is about, as well as individual purpose and resilience.
Trains the HERO
Gives HERO a gift
Has faith in HERO
Adds humor
Comic relief from constant drama/sad/evil
Commentator/tells us what’s happening
Oftentimes, foreshadows events to come
Witty and clever
The ABYSS is any time in your life (hero journey) that you don't have the answer, a time of darkness when you feel like you're blindly stumbling along, a time of fear...an overwhelming feeling of having lost your way. In literature or film, it may be represented as:
a cave
a deep well
trial by fire
or drowning...
The Hero
Hero is usually....
Mighty warrior who is the son of a god or king OR
is the main character who possesses admirable qualities, sometimes...
There are different kinds of heroes
1. Light/Innocent Hero: he lives an ordinary life, is young and requires training. This is the "standard" hero type.
Sometimes called "the reluctant Hero" because he doesn't want to go
doesn't think he's cut out for the journey
full of doubt after his initial steps into the journey.
MOST heroes will REFUSE the CALL
fear something negative might happen from their actions
get to a place where they feel safe and don't want to go on...
is the factor that must be overcome.
Luke Skywalker, Star Wars
Frodo Baggins, Lord of the Rings
Neo, The Matrix
Peter Parker, Spiderman
Clark Kent, Superman
Sam, Transformers
Katniss Everdine
#2 Anti-hero has flaws and doesn't always have admirable qualities. Also known as the Dark Hero.
Anakin Skywalker, Star Wars
Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean
Indiana Jones
Han Solo, Star Wars
#3 Tragic hero has tragic flaws that lead to his or her destruction. A dark hero who fails the quest. The life lesson is on the failure, rather than the successful return.
Anakin Skywalker (becomes Darth Vader)
Romeo, Romeo and Juliet (killed himself)
Achilles, Troy (in the Iliad, he battle his anger and pride or "hubris")

Optimus Prime
ObiWan Kenobi
Qui Gon Jinn
Senator/ Emperor Palpatine
Emperor Palpatine
The DRAGON!!!!
Merry and Pippin
Jar Jar Binks
C3PO and R2D2
The Hero Journey stories have common steps and similar "types" of characters called ARCHETYPES.
What is an archetype?
a reoccurring character type found in literature and film
Jungian philosophy defines an archetype as a "primitive" mental image humans have inherited from early ancestors
archetypes are embedded in our unconscious mind (already exist in our mind and our hearts)
Let's look at the archetypes commonly found in the Hero's Journey...
accompanies the hero
qualities of loyalty, tenacity, and unselfishness
provides a service, symbolically speaking, to a personality that often has a stronger nature or a role in life that carries more authority.
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