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Kellin Quinn

No description

Selena Herring

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Kellin Quinn

Kellin Quinn Bostwick Selena-Quintero-Herring
45106 Born April 14 1986.
Born in Florida
He Is known for his musical influence to mainly teenager but young adults also. He started getting into music when he was a young child, ( about age 3) then started to write songs as a preteen. He is in a band called "Sleeping with sirens ( Or Closer 2 Closer)". He is now married to Katelynne Bostwick for 5 years and has a baby named Copeland Quinn Bostwick. Kellin and Katelynne. Kellin and his daughter Kellins Lyrics are very inspirational to his fans. Some of his music has saved their lives. Kellin Quinn has been featured twice on "AP or Alternative Press magazine" they call him a " Muiscal inspiration." A lot of people know who Kellin is, they jsut do not know he is in a band. ( Sleeping With Sirens). Most of his fans like him for his looks, But the people who listen to him for his music, those are the people who admire him the most. he has inspired many people. He has given his fans the courage to stand up for themselves and create music. Kellin promotes life and he is trying to prevent self harm. Also, he is trying to help get rid of bullying. Also, he donates some of the profit he makes to different charities. He is part of the music we have around today.
He is known world wide and protest against war. He is about peace. His band plays at Warped Tour and that is where they promote most of the things. (prevention of bullying and self harm.) He is different from many artist today. He talks about the social issues. He also talks about love and how to stay strong when something bad happens in your life. Most artist today talk about sex money and drugs ( few don't). I think Kellin Quinn and his band are very important to the world. People who do not listen to rock/Alternative might not know who they are but there music will still be around in 10 year, old or new. They will continue to make music and promote things and still give to charities.
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