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#ICANyet Growth Mindset: The Power of YET and Praise

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on 14 May 2016

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Transcript of #ICANyet Growth Mindset: The Power of YET and Praise

#ICANyet :
The Power of YET
and Praise

Who are you?

Who are your students?

Maddalena Shipton
Making Connections:
Exploring Feedback and
Student motivation
Let's Explore
Je peux...
I CAN...
Learning Skills
Visible Learning
Resources SVP?
TLLP: Teacher Learning and Leadership Program
How do you promote
and goal setting?
What do you envision nurturing learning skills through the use of portfolios would look like?
Which Learning Skill would be your primary focus?
an annual project-based professional learning opportunity for experienced classroom teachers
funds proposals from classroom teachers who seek a peer leadership role in curriculum, instructional practice or supporting other teachers
opportunities for teacher professional learning, leadership and sharing exemplary practices across Ontario
TCDSB TLLP 2015-16 cohort:
#ICANyet Promoting Growth Mindset & Self-Regulation through Digital Portfolios
The Power of YET
Carol Dweck: Mindset Interview
Fail Forward
Google Slides
How do you encourage student self-reflection about the learning process?
How can we connect "I CAN" with strategies practiced in class?
What is the importance of keeping the learning visible? Visible to whom?
How can we promote our students to assume
more responsibility over their learning?
What do you see as the value of integrating "I CAN" statements into your daily teaching practice?
Do you see any disadvantages?
What could it look like?
"Key focus of the corporate world
is to solve problems in a group setting"
Student Led Conferences
Leaders of Their Own Learning
Student-led conferences
Self-Reflection and Grit:
Letting students take the Lead
Passage presentation
STEM, Inquiry Provocation and Growth Mindset: French book list
Let's chat!
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