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Teach Like a Champion - Technique 47 (Emotional Constancy)

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Bruce Hula

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Teach Like a Champion - Technique 47 (Emotional Constancy)

Technique 47 Emotional Constancy don't you hate it when a
student tries to
get under your skin? Doug Lemov suggests 2 ways
to keep this from
getting to you... Teach like a champion Modulate your emotions model appropriate self control
and restraint FIRST: You need to show the students
that you are in control and
that there is nothing that they
can do to shake you.

The students need
to perceive that you
are ready for anything. YOU MUST STAY CALM! You Should
tie your emotions... To student achievement. Get excited when
students do
excellent work Don't show your dissapointment
if they don't! NEXT Instead Tell them you expect more. Emotionally constant teachers gain
their student's trust by keeping their
emotions under control.

Emotionally constant teachers
understand that a calm classroom
will support productive, orderly
and respectful behavior which will
prevent their students from bursting
into the emotional flames. In conclusion:
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