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No description

John Greeson

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of SALES!

The Driving Force behind Any Business!
Lead Generation
Stop Selling
Start Teaching
Become A Content Machine!
How To Be A Great Salesperson!
What Products Should We Sell?
Ask For the Sale!
You work for the best Company!
About 18 Shows per year $26,883
First Quarter Numbers
Ask for the Sale!
THE Goal
The Current Numbers
How are we going to get there?
P.R.E.A. Prison Rape Elimination Act
Increased need for cameras in cells
What's in the pipeline?
Have confidence in yourself, the process, and your company!
Here are some resources!
The internet
Other industry Experts (bill King)
Manufacturers (Geovision)
Our own Experts (Ray, Joe, Cliff, and Steve)
We spend over $26,000
Generate 50 - 100 Qualified Leads
Recognized brand
Almost 30 years
Countless References
Access Control
Panic Systems
3M Film
THE 1980's
"Tell me about your
company and
THe 1990's
"Don't tell me
about you... Ask
about me"
"You Should Know
about me. Teach me
You have the best products
You have the best technicians
You are the best!
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