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Reasons for the development of feudalism in Europe.

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Emily Hyer

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Reasons for the development of feudalism in Europe.

Reasons for the development of feudalism in Europe
By: Maddi, Emily and Jakob (: Before the Middle Ages:

most of the time the Europeans spent working on their land, trying to grow enough food to last them another year.
They used some of the Asian cultures, such as; there advanced learning systems of earth and the human body. Very shortly after schools and universities were being formed in western Europe. The problems that occurred in Europe before the middle ages:
There was no one in control.
There were no capitals.
When there were rulers. They were dictators.
There were no rules.

The things the citizens would try doing because they didn't have a emperor is:
They would try to kill any king who tried becoming a ruler.
they would steal things because there were no rules.
They would would try and ruin other citizens crops.
citizens would try to take over different villages, some would even try and take over, or destroy their village What is a feudal system?
A way of government based on obligations on the lord or king.
The medieval society was organized in a feudal tree or pyramid system.
During the middle ages when there was a ruler. The king was the highest and most important in command. Reasons why the feudal system arose in Europe:
The most important reason why the feudal system arose in Europe was because there was no laws or an emperor.
Most of the citizens could do whatever they wanted to, and get away with it.

So because of that the feudal system arose in Europe.
Now there was a king.
The king graced fiefs; or grants, to his noblemen, which were called Barons and Bishops.
The bad things about the feudal system was that all the kings were dictators.
The king didn't have a good guard system to protect the king. So the kings kept dying. And because of that all the citizens became angry because their kings were constantly dying. Ancient Asia's schooling THE END! Thanks for watching (:
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