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The Winning Resume

No description

SASS Careers

on 29 May 2018

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Transcript of The Winning Resume

The Winning Resume

Monday to Friday:
September to May:
From 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
June to August
From 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
6. Conclusion
Preparing for your Job Search
To prepare for your job search you need to:

Know yourself – do a self-assessment of your interests and skills in order to target your job search

Know your employer – do your RESEARCH and build your network

Be proactive-access the hidden job market
Knowing Yourself
Questions you should ask yourself:
What do you want to do? (your interests)
What are you good at? (your skills)
What concrete experience have you gained to support your interests and skills?
Knowing your Employer

Review the job posting in detail
Review the company’s website
Review other job postings and trade journals
Familiarize yourself with the culture of the industry (key words, industry terms, products, services, targeted clientele, etc.)
Willingness to learn
Interpersonal skills
Analytical and problem-solving skills
Organizational skills
Content and Structure
Personal information
Summary of Qualifications
Work Experience
Example of Summary of Qualifications

Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing and Human Resources Management at the University of Ottawa
2 years of work experience in the marketing sector
Excellent communication, interpersonal and team working abilities
Member of the Human Resources Professional Association of Ontario
Superior proficiency in Microsoft Office, Windows and Photoshop
Excellent knowledge of English and French (oral and written)

Official title of diploma and date/current program of study/degree and expected date of graduation
Name of institution and location
Can include scholarships, bursaries and special projects in this section
Bachelor of Social Science, Honours Criminology 2000 – Present
University of Ottawa, Ontario
Expected graduation date: April, 2004
Special Projects:
Conducted research on crime rates found in poor neighbourhoods in Canadian cities and further examined the high crime rate for aboriginal youth

Title of position currently or previously held and period of employment
Name of organization, location
Job summary
Describe your previous and current jobs using action verbs
Highlight transferable skills, accomplishments, knowledge and training received
List positions in reverse chronological order

Facilitator year-present
Organization, Ottawa, Ontario
Facilitated social activities and sporting events for group of adolescents
Planned work schedules for other facilitators and volunteers at the centre
Interacted with adolescents and provided support and guidance to those in need
Organized a 3 day field trip to Montreal for 20 adolescents, supervised all fund
raising activities and made group reservations

Community Worker year-year
Organization, Ottawa, Ontario
Assisted with the development and implementation of breakfast service for children
Recruited other volunteers to ensure breakfast was served on a daily basis
Coordinated fund raising in the community and convinced local businesses to become involved with the project
Other Headings
The following sections can also be added:
Examples of Professional Skills
Participant at Tawingo leadership trainning course
Excellent teamwork skills, collaborating easily with individuals of all ages in volunteer and employment positions
Motivating others and encouraging them to voice their opinions at leadership camp
Points to Consider

Be clear – well organized, logical, readable
Be concise – ensure no double entries – 2 pages maximum
Be complete – include all relevant information
Be consistent – ensure same use of style and font
Be current – continually update your resume
Add a header on the second page with your name and telephone number
Reserve bold characters for section titles, your name, personal information, job and diploma titles
Adjust margins to maximize the space on the page
Align years to the right so they are easier to locate
Pay close attention to alignment, fonts, spelling and spacing
Be consistent throughout your resume
Because people tend to read in a “Z”, keep all important information at the top and bottom of the page, as well as the beginning and end of each section
Avoid repetition, as readers tend to have a short attention span
Double check your grammar and proofread your resume
Cover Letter
Write a specific cover letter for each job application
Know what the employer is looking for
Demonstrate your knowledge of the company and make a link between their needs and your skills and experience
Focus on the terminology used in the job posting or ad
Always have several people proofread your letter
Responding to an advertised/known position
Expressing your interest in potential positions with an organization, including your resume
Introducing yourself and your credentials and offering your services to an organization (marketing or introduction letter)
Content of the Cover Letter
Writing a resume and a cover letter is an ongoing process that takes both time and effort.

That your resume is to generate interest and to obtain an interview (marketing tool)
That your resume should be an accurate reflection of who you are, your accomplishments and your knowledge of the company
To always cater to your audience and target the needs of the employer and the job position
To prepare different resumes for different career objectives

Don’t hesitate to:
Research the screening process
Access the hidden job market which represents 80% of employment activities
1. Preparing for
your Job Search
2. Employability
3. Types of Resumes
4. Resume Content
and Structure
5. Cover Letter
Resume critiques
Mock interviews
Individual consultations
Employer presentations
Career fairs
Available Services:
Most commonly used
Presents work experience in reverse chronological order
Each work experience listed includes:
Job title
Dates of employment
Company name
Responsibilities / accomplishments described in order of priority (brief statements)
Skill Based
Contact information (phone #, e-mail and address)
Summary of Qualifications
Personal Information
Work Experience
Goals of a Cover Letter

Hours of Operation:
Employability Skills
Types of Resumes
 Communication Skills
Excellent debating skills, expressing arguments in a clear and persuasive manner
Employing different forms of media for event promotion
Conducting literature reviews of scholarly journals and writing short papers
Organizational and Administrative Skills
Prioritizing tasks and activities by order of importance
Balancing books, deposits, processing returned cheques and preparing annual sales reports for head office
Performing typical administrative tasks such as photocopying, answering telephone inquiries, maintaining company files, etc.
Interpersonnal and Leadership Skills
If you're replying to an ad, mention how you heard about the job opening (newspapers, recruiters, etc.), state the position that you are seeking and explain why you're the right person for the job.
If you are making a general application, explain your professional goal or career objective, demonstrate how you can be the right person for the job. If someone has referred you to this company, mention it.
1st Paragraph
Show your interest in the organization and explain how your knowledge meets the company's needs.
2nd Paragraph
Elaborate on your education, experience, skills, achievements, and qualities. Describe your qualities by presenting examples taken from your past work experience. The important thing is to show how your past experience will contribute to their company.
Say that you will contact the company at a specific time and make sure that you follow up on your statement. If you prefer, ask that they contact you by giving them all the pertinent information.
Request an interview and thank the reader for his time.
3rd Paragraph
4th Paragraph
Your resume should be a reflection of who you are and reflect answers to these questions.
To be included in a skill-based or combination resume
Including sports, hobbies, travel, etc.
Volunteer Experience
Awards and Achievements
Extracurricular Activities
Membership and participation in clubs or associations, etc.
Professional or Technical Skills
Mostly used to highlight transferable skills while setting out for a new career or a return to the workforce
Presents work experience and employment history in a separate section
Each work experience

Presents employment history in reverse chronological order
Highlight the acquired skills / accomplishments in a separate section
Content of the Cover Letter

Current level of education (including the year of study if applicable)
Number of years/months of experience
Skills and job qualifications (read the job description, the skills and qualifications the employer's are looking for)
Volunteer experience and membership in professional associations
Technical skills (such as computer skills)
Language competency (oral and written)
Finish the letter off with a closing line

80% of jobs are never posted online or the newspapers
Social Media
Be Proactive - Access the hidden job market
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