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Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift

Millie Davison

on 22 September 2012

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Transcript of Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift! Her full name is Taylor Alison Swift Her first songs she wrote were "Lucky You" and "The Outside", age 12. Here is Taylor performing at a concert Her first big hit was "Tim McGraw" which she recorded when she was 16. She has dated Taylor Launter and he dumped her in a 27 second phone call! She was born on the 13 December 1989
(which makes her 22). She was born in Reading, Pennsylvania Clouds! "Of course we're in love!"
Quote from Taylor Swift Yeah right Heart broken We Taylor! Love Taylor's most recent tour was the Speak Now Tour, one of the places she went was Mancester Men, where I saw her perform! Speak Now was relased on the 25 October 2010 and it is her 3rd album. Thanks for watching! created by
xxx Gallery Her latest song is called 'safe and sound' and she recorded it for the Hunger Games She learned to play guitar when she was twelve from a guy named Ronnie who came over to fix her parents' computer. She has a very cute cat called Meredith! FACTS! 1.Taylor has sold in excess of 20 million albums worldwide. 2.So far during her career, Taylor has won four Grammys, seven American Music Awards, one MTV Video Music Award and six CMT music awards. 5.Aged only 12, Taylor sung the national anthem at the US Open tennis tournament 8.Taylor can play the guitar, ukulele, piano and banjo. Her grandmother was an opera singer Charles Douglas Lousie Baldi Rose Douglas Archie Swift Scott Swift Andrea Finlay Taylor Swift Austin Swift Family Tree
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