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The Middle Age Inventions

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kate farkas

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of The Middle Age Inventions

The Middle Ages was from 450 AD - 1,750 AD. During this time there was many creative and helpful inventions.
The Middle Ages

Printing Press

The Printing Press was invented by Johannes
Gutenberg in the mid 1400s. This was the first time
their was a mass production of printed books. It
produced 3600 pages per workday.

The Mechanical Clock

The Mechanical Clock was invented in Italy. It provided a closer structure to daily life.Previously people used to tell the time by the sun.

The Compass was invented by China between
(221-206 BC). They got the ideas from fortune tellers
that used lodestones. The Compass really helped sailors and explorers find their way when they got lost.


Gunpowder was invented in China during the early 9th century. The gunpowder helped them win many battles. Before they had to use swords and arrows. It led to the invention of the cannon.

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The Hourglass was believed to have originated in medieval Europe. It became common in the 14th century. It was popular on board ships since it was the most dependable measurement of time while at sea.
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The crossbow was invented in 600 BC in Ancient China. It was introduced to China by William the Conqueror in 1066.The Crossbow can go from 350-400 yards but can only be shot at a rate of 2 bolts per minute.
The wheelbarrow was invented by Chucko Liang in 181-234 AD. The wheelbarrow allowed faster movement of heavy loads. It also made the people more efficient in getting work done.
The horseshoe allowed horses to be used in rocky terrain.They were really important to keeping the horses hove from getting hurt. Some of the horseshoes were made with rawhide ,iron, or bronze.
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Eyeglasses were invented somewhere between 1268 -1289. Their is still an unknown inventor. The benefit of the eyeglasses was for the poor old people whose sight has became weak.
Armor was invented to protect the Medieval knights during battle and in wars. They were really effective in stopping sword cuts. The Armor was vulnerable to thrusts and arrows.
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