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Types of Maps

Goes through the different types of maps and what they show.

Alison Taylor

on 24 July 2017

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Transcript of Types of Maps

Types of Maps
There are many different types of maps that are used for different purposes.
The following are just some of the many types of maps
Political Maps
These maps show countries, states and their boundaries, plus capital cities and major cities
Physical Maps
These maps show oceans and islands, the shape and height of the land, and major landforms.
Can you name what type each of these maps are?
Choropleth Map
Political Map
Flowline Map
Physical Map
Isoline Map
Thematic Map
Thematic Maps
Choropleth Maps
These maps use colour or shading to show differences in percentage or proportion of a topic or measurement
Topographic Maps
These show the human and physical features of the land surface. They show a great amount of detail of a smaller area.
Isoline Maps
These use lines to show areas of equal pressure or height
These maps focus on a particular feature or theme and use colour or symbols to show
These show the names of places and geographical features, such as towns, cities, rivers, mountains etc.
Mud Maps
A mud map is a simplified diagram or sketch of a route, containing only essential features.
This is the type of map you would draw if someone asked you for directions to the shops.
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