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NACADA Fall 2012

No description

Eduardo Pino

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of NACADA Fall 2012

King, Nancy S. (2008) "Advising Delivery: Group Strategies."
In V. Gordon, W. Habley, and T. Grites (Eds.)
Academic Advising: A Comprehensive Handbook (2nd Edition). The number of students served is far greater than available advisors Other Reasons:
-Students can connect with peers
-Combats student attrition
-Students get to know the Advisement Center Tips for Getting Started: -Be Prepared
-Functional Space
-Publicize Well
-Engaging Materials
-Clear Agenda Strategies for Successful Group Facilitation: -Use Icebreakers and Introductions
-Learn Names
-Establish a Climate of Trust Share a Broader Purpose: Be a Guide: Campus Collaboration: Concluding Group Advising Sessions: Formats for Group Advising: 1 University-Level
Group Advising -Learning Communities
-New Student Orientation
-Career Exploration
-Student development courses 2 Our
Center -Major Orientation Sessions
-Career Workshops
-New Student Orientation
-Classroom Advising 3 Other
Ideas -First Year Seminar
-Residence Hall Advising
-Academic Probation Advising
-Honors Advising
-Senior Capstone Course 1 2 Serving Student population with time constraints, such as
non-traditional students 3 Sharing information with many students at once
sharing the same information many times -Be Prepared
-Functional Space
-Publicize Well
-Engaging Materials
-Clear Agenda 1 2 3 -Incorporate Mission Statement
-Share Goals of Advising 4 -Encourage students to think for themselves
-Avoid lecturing
-Encourage responsible decisions
-Motivate and encourage students
-Serve as a sounding board 5 -Be knowledgeable about campus resources
-Make referrals as needed 6 -Encourage follow-up visits
-One-on-one visits are necessary Keys to Successful
Group Advising Reasons for using
Group Advising Challenges with Group Advising: Successes we've experienced -More students receive advisement
-More students set up appointments
-Better use of advising resources
-Better quality one-on-one appointments -Mandatory = Some students have a bad attitude
-Not Mandatory = Many students won't attend
-Pace and monitor student comments
-Finding a time that works for everyone
-Getting the word out Conclusion: Group advising allows us to share general information with more students, leading to an increase in the number of developmental, one-on-one advising sessions.

In short, more students are receiving a higher quality of academic advising.
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