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OtaSizzle for Service Camp

What OtaSizzle can offer for Aalto Service Camp?

Antti Virolainen

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of OtaSizzle for Service Camp

Research project Why should I use it? NordSecMob Your service from
Service Camp? http://kassi.sizl.org/ http://ossi.sizl.org http://nsm.sizl.org/ Services Service Platform How people use mobile social media? for Aalto Service Camp 15.4.2010 Antti Virolainen What is it? How can I use it? Built by OtaSizzle Built by students or others A S I alto ocial ntreface Ressi Social Media platform for Aalto Researcher's Interface Stores data about how people use the services is the catch
ASI offers services Tap to OtaSizzle user base Have interaction with
other course services Documentation Demo Tutorial 1. Get an account Save your own work It can help you! Even though it's not a commercial quality platform (yet) Users Authentication Profiles Friends Avatar photos Groups Channels OtaSizzle wide conversations Or more private if wished Grouping users Basic administration Concentrate on building your own service
Instead of coding user management from scratch
you can just write the code to use the interface Usually less work About 1500 registered users already Same account works for all OtaSizzle Applications Note: there are two servers with separate users
One for testing, one for real usage Same userbase Build friend connections Use same groups API Details of the interface http://cos.alpha.sizl.org Helps to get started Interactive tester Ruby demo Found at the same url http://cos.alpha.sizl.org Next steps 2. Give it a try How to get support? Join !COS at Ircnet Ask cos@cs.hut.fi (When the documentation and
team members can't help) The tutorial will tell you how.. :) (Developer wiki coming soon)
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