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the selection

No description

lauren Fialli

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of the selection

The story is a fantasy and is being held in Illea. The book is about a girl named America Singer and her journey through the selection. Maxon is going to become a king one day and he needs a princess. The selection is a way for his parents to find the best 35 girls and those selected girls will be in the running to become prince Maxon's wife.
All the books
Main Character: Aspen
Main Character: Prince Maxon
Prince Maxon is going to be the next king of Illea. But he first needs a princes. He is a very nice and thoughtful person. In the castle Prince Maxon has a friendly relationship with America, in the beginning and middle of the book. America helps Maxon on the inside with the girls.Towards the end of the book Maxon discovers more than a friendship with America.
The Selection

About the book
Main Character:
America Singer
By: Kiera Cass
Lauren Fialli

The main character of the book is American Singer. She is a five and that means she is one of the poor people of Illea. She lives with her mom, dad, sister,and brother . She is a singer and plays the violin, and piano with her mom for a job. She is forced to enter because her mother thinks she has a good chance on winning. She is selected into the selection she doesn't want any relation ship other than a friend with Prince Maxon.
Aspen is also a main character in the book. He is a six so he is even poorer than America. Aspen and America are in love and want to get married, but Aspen doesn't want to hold to America because he doesn't want her to wonder later on what would of happened. So he tells America to go for it and enter to be in the selection. But after America got selected and really doesn't want to go still he brakes up with her so she will be opened minded. After she leaves and sees her on tv and does want to still be with America so he takes a job for the castle and ends up being a guard.
I recommended for this book to be read by girl teenagers. It is a interesting love story about a girl and how her perspective not only about a prince but a hole selection process changes completely. Not only is it intertaining but it is also very descriptive so you can imagine what is going on in your head. If you like to read love stories and fantasy books this book is definetly for you.
The main character America Singer lives with her family and is a 5. While America is sneaking around with Aspen, who America is in love with. Her mom is going crazy making America enter to be in the selection. When America is picked to be one out of 35 girls to make the selection her mom is ecstatic because of all the money that they will receive. When America and Aspen brake up America can't wait to leave.
The Selection Process Continued
All of the girls have to be on tv and be asked many questions to see if they are fit to be a queen one day
They stay there intil the prince Maxon picks one you to leave
Then Maxon picks the elite 6
Out of those 6 girls one will be the princess and soon to be the queen one day of Illea, Carolina
When America sees Aspen again all the feelings for him keep rushing back. But in the back of her mind she still likes Maxon. When America Singer gets picked to be the Elite 6, she has to choose to go back with Aspen or try to work things out with Maxon.
America is the first girls to meet the prince and yells at him.She tells him that she just wants to be friends, and he gets doesn't understand why she is there.America becomes one of the favorites because she soon ends up being the only 5 still left in the castle.America becomes really good friends with her maids because back at her house her family's rank is only one highier.
When America spends more and more time with Prince Maxon she ends up catching feelings for him they talk a lot more than others and since they already know so much about each other because they were already friends they just became closer.
Summary continued
Summary continued
Summary continued
First the king and queen send out papers that tell everyone in the city of Illea, Carolina that selection is going to be happening soon
Then the girls that want to enter have to send in information about themselves and a picture
Then the king and queen pick 35 girls
Those 35 girls have to sign a contract
The Selection Process
The setting of the book starts in Carolina, where she lives with her family. After being selected she moves to the palace in Illéa, where she lives with her maids, queen, king, her competitors, and prince Maxon.
The climax of the story is when America gets selected into the selection. It is very surprising because America never thought that she would of got selected. Also, her whole life is going to be changing.
The conflict of the story is when America doesn't want anything to do with the selection. She refuses to even enter. That is because she is in love with Aspen and doesn't like Maxon and his family.
The 35 girls that are selected go and live in the palace
But America gets jealous because Maxon was still getting to know the other girls there and because of that there becomes a distance between them.
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