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Charles Benefiel

An overview of Outsider Artist, Charles Benefiel

Talia DeVault

on 9 April 2011

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Transcript of Charles Benefiel

Charles Benefiel "My art helps me cope so that when I leave the house I'm not acting extremely neurotic. That's how I would be acting if I didn't have that kind of outlet."
- Charles Benefiel (b. 1967) Venice Beach, CA (1985) Age 18. Homeless,and living in abandoned
homes of "the Circut," an area between L.A.
and Seattle,known for it's runaway population. Stuggled with alcohol and drug abuse. (1997) Age 30. Suffered mental breakdown after a bad business deal. Urged by friends, sought psyciatric help at an unknown hospital. Obsessive Cumpulsive Disorder (OCD) "I'm extremely agoraphobic sometimes,and I don't really like dealing with people...This comes from a life of hiding my OCD symptoms without hiding other things that made me different from everyone else."
-Charles Benefiel "Wingman" pen, ink, and tea on paper
40" x 32"
unknown date "Hygenic Toys No.2" pen, ink, and tea on paper
unk demensions
unk date "Servicing the Target" ink, varnish, and tea on paper
9.06" x 15"
©1998 Stippling Technique.
Works from center outward.
No perspective lines. Counts dots as part of healing process.
Counts in sequences, to a certain number then starts again.
Does't look at work once it's complete.
Once destroyed a body of work, frustrated with imperfections. Obessed with numbers. "...reacts to the mechanism of numeric labeling rampant in contemporary society."
- Joelle Jensen (NY Arts Magazine Author) "Random Numerical Repeaters" ©2006 unk dimensions, unk medium
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