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Dogsong By Gary Paulsen

No description

Holden Bryant

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of Dogsong By Gary Paulsen

Dogsong By Gary Paulsen
Rising Action
1. Russel having dreams about a man who hunts mammoths and has a family that he provides rich red meat too.
2. Russel meets with an indian tribe who tell great story's by dancing and singing.
3. Russel finds a fairly beaten path and decides to follow it. On his way down the path he finds a snowmobile and a set of foot prints leading up north on the path. While following the footprints he finds a girl named Nancy who is pregnant.
.4. Russel goes to get food for Nancy. But can't find anything and they go starving for 3 days.
Falling Action
Russel is desperate to find food for Nancy. He looks for days, but can't find anything at all. Russel and the dogs start to get weak and tired. Then Russel finds a polar bear track and decides to let one of his dogs loose to find it. Russel finally sees the polar bear, but it was to late to save his dog. He jumps of his sled and grabs his spear. The dogs already know what to do so they chase the polar bear to Russel and Russel sticks the spear right in the middle of the polar bear's chest. It took Russel 10 minutes to get from other the polar bear and then he started cutting meat to take to Nancy.
The protagonist is Russel, he's very brave and strong. I say that he's brave because he stayed to fight and kill close to a three quarter of a ton bear.He's brave for accepting to go up north by himself. I say that he's strong because he gets knocked off his sled 3 times and keeps trying to master the sleds and the dogs. He's strong because he had to face his grandfather dieing and to be able to live in the Alaskan woods by himself.
The theme of Dogsong is to take care of others, to learn from your mistakes, to be within your self, and to make your own path to success.
Initiating Event
The conflict of Dogsong is individual vs. nature. 13 year old boy Russel has to run on ice burgs that are very slippery and has made Russel flip over his sled a couple of times. Russel has to also run in harsh Alaskan woods that has sharp edged rocks and various sticking up trees.
Russel's gets sent to go to his grandfather's to give him caribou eyeballs and when Russel's there he sees a sled dog team. Russel always wanted to have a sled dog team and his grandfather was the only person in his village that had one, but Russel came to learn great values that would help him in the future. Russel stays at his grandfather's house for weeks learning and learning until his grandfather feels death coming. Oogruk( his grandfather) sends Russel to go north and to stay there for weeks.
The climax in the story is when Oogruk tells Russel that he needs to head up north right before he died and put his skills that he learned from Oogruk to the test.
The setting in Dogsong is in the tremendous Alaskan forest and the Alaskan sea. Russel has to run on ice burgs that are slippery and break off easily. In Alaska the temperature can reach up to -20 sometimes and if you don't have a fire you will usually freeze to death. Russel also has to face sticking up stumps and heart stopping mountains.
The antagonist is nature, she's very mean and unsuspecting. She's mean because she doesn't give any chance's for Russel to shoot animal and leaves them starving for weeks. She's unsuspecting because she'll give you a lamp and then take one of your dog's out of nowhere in return.
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