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WO TRAILS 24 januari 2013

No description

Karin Veldman

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of WO TRAILS 24 januari 2013

Karin Veldman The transition from school to work Educational and occupational aspirations Contextual factors and aspirations: Educational and occupational aspirations of adolescents affect their educational choices and motivate them to achieve their educational
and career goals Adolescents who showed:

delinquent behavior, truancy, alcohol use,
low self-esteem, low self-concept or a lack
of internal locus of control

reported lower educational and occupational aspirations than adolescents who did not Mental health and aspirations Educational and occupational aspirations: What would you like to do after finishing your current education? Methods Results (preliminary) Educational
aspirations Educational
attainment Occupational
(Rojewski e.a, 1998; Mau e.a., 2000; Barry e.a., 2011) (Schoon & Parsons, 2002; Ashby & Schoon, 2010) Continue with full time education Combine work with vocational education Get a job Make a world trip I don't know yet Mental health problems: Externalizing, internalizing and attention problems (YSR) (@T4) (@T1-T4) a comparison of Danish and Dutch data Adolescents who want to make a world trip reported less internalizing problems than the others, this difference is only significant at T2. Internalizing problems & Aspirations Externalizing problems & Aspirations Adolescents who don't know what to do after finishing their current education, reported less externalizing problems than the others (ns). Attention problems & Aspirations Adolescents who wanted to make a world trip and adolescents who don't know what to do after finishing their current education, reported more attention problems than others (ns). Vestliv * West Jutland Cohort Study (N=3687)

* All children born in 1989 and living in the county Ringkoebing in May 2004 UMCG, Health Sciences Longitudinal data-analysis: mixed models k.veldman@umcg.nl Herning Occupational Medicin Clinic Aarhus University of Aarhus
Social Sciences
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