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The Lorax What Do All The Characters Really Mean In Real Life ????

This Prezi is to show what Dr. Seuss's The Lorax characters mean in real life.

Danielle Gladstone

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of The Lorax What Do All The Characters Really Mean In Real Life ????

The Lorax What Do All The Characters Represent??? By: Jose Lopez Truffula Tree The Once-ler In The Lorax In Real Life Can you believe that us humans caused all these animals harm. Thats just sick and mean. Now let's move on to more... In The Lorax In The Lorax In The Lorax Swomee Swans In The Lorax In Real Life In The Lorax In Real Life In Real Life In Real Life In The Lorax For My Team Project With: Isabel Acosta
Charlee'ette Glover
Jose Lopez
Tanesha Williams
Aamiah Haley Bar-ba-loots Well what did the Lorax and Once-ler represent? Now Let's Move On To See What More Characters/Things From The Lorax Represent In Real Life. Now Where Reaching The End Of My Prezi..... Thank For Watching My Prezi So I Could Show You What All The Characters From The Lorax Really Mean. The Lorax is about how greedy companies dump left over waste and products into Lake Erie. Lake Erie has been polluted for more the 1,000 years. Can you believe that humans created this destruction and did nothing about it... Uhh!! That is why I made this Prezi to show you what the characters in The Lorax really mean, so you can get a better understanding of this historical deviation. Well first let's see what all those friendly and harmless animals ment in real life, that had to leave there environment in the book and in real life. The Animals In The Lorax In Real Life In real life the Swomee Swans represent the consequences of unchecked air pollution and waste. This effected all the birds who lived in Lake Erie. In Real Life The Bar-ba-loots in the story represent the land animals that can't continue to live in the environment due to waste and pollution. Humming Fish The Humming Fish from The Lorax represent all consequences of unmitigated water pollution. All this effected the aquatic animals in Lake Erie. In The Lorax In Real Life The Lorax from the book represents all companies and protesters against dumping products in an animals environment. The Lorax In Real Life The Once-ler in the book stands for companies that don't care about the environment and will do anything for money. What is The Lorax really about you ask??? Trufflua Seed Thneed In The Lorax In Real Life Smogula Smoke Gluppity Glup But Let's Show You The Final Few Characters/Objects To Wrap Things Up!!!! Grickle Grass In The Lorax In Real Life The Young Boy In The Lorax In Real Life Now It's Time To Find Out What The Final Thing From The Lorax Represents...... It Is The Word "Unless" Unless Well Now Here We Go On To The........ In The Lorax In Real Life Now We Reached The End!!! In real life the Truffula Seed represents hope for the future. The Truffula Trees from The Lorax represents that material that companies use for them selves that is from the environment. Thneeds in real life represent any companies' products made from things from the environment. Smogula Smoke in real life represents all air pollution made by companies. Grickle Grass from The Lorax represents all plants that cannot continue to grow and flourish. In The Lorax The Young Boy represents all generations to came after The Lorax and The Once-ler. Gluppity Glup represents all waste caused by human companies. The word Unless from The Lorax means a chance for change your environment from harm and waste.
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