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Copy of Dynamic/Static Characters Lesson

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Dean Ackerman

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Dynamic/Static Characters Lesson

Knowing that a character is dynamic proves that you understand the change they underwent within the story. How does this relate to me? Dynamic characters are defined by their ability to change. They often undergo some very important transformation at some point in the story, causing them to become different people. What is a dynamic character? A static character does not change throughout the story. No matter what they experience, their traits remain the same. What is a static character? Character Types In all stories, there are typically two types of characters: the static and the dynamic character. Dynamic Static Examples: In Charles Dickens' famous novel, "A Christmas Carol," Ebenezer Scrooge begins the story with a hatred for the holidays. However, he learns the Christmas spirit by the end of the novel.

Disney's classic animated movie, "Beauty and the Beast," involves a prince who is introduced as an angry character. By opening his heart, he changes into a warm, lovable character in the end. Think for a moment and raise your hand with an example of a dynamic character from "Holes" or "Tuck Everlasting." Examples: Disney's famous villain from "The Lion King," Scar, remains the same evil lion that he was at the beginning of the film. Candace, Phineas and Ferb's paranoid sister, almost never stops trying to bust her two brothers. Why do I care? A character's choice not to change may say something about them and help you understand the story. Perhaps they are already perfect characters, or maybe the author is pointing out their flaws. Raise your hand and name a static character from "Holes" or "Tuck Everlasting." Both dynamic and static characters are important to a story. Without change in a character, there might be no plot to the story. And, without characters who remain the same, there will be no foundation to the story.

Heroes are typically dynamic, as they usually must change to overcome the conflicts within the story. Why might a hero be static? Now that you understand the two main types of characters, here is your assignment: Watch the following show. Write down a character that is dynamic and one that is static (Not Candace!). For the dynamic character, write down the change. (*Hint - There is one VERY obvious dynamic character).
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