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Fast food restaurants should display calorie counts.

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hadri hisham

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Fast food restaurants should display calorie counts.

Prevent disease
Can provide information to the public
Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Technical English |||
Fast food restaurants should
display calorie counts.

Do you know the dangers of eating fast food?
Do you know that fast food contain the highest percentage of food calorie in food pyramid?
Do you know fast food content 80% calorie compared to another food?
Fast food has become
one of the main factors
contributing to obesity
in the world today
People can find out the calories in food

People can choose foods that are low in calories

Can prepare healthy meals for People
Take a low-calorie fast food

Prevention of obesity

People need to know fast food can increase disease problems.
Can provide awareness on public
Community is aware of the dangers of eating high-Calorie fast food

reduce fast food

Prevent any disease arising.
Fast food restaurants should display the calorie

content for alerting the public that the dangers of

taking high-calorie fast food because it can

increase the disease such as obesity.
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