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No description

Belle Weiler

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of Family

Hypothesis: Eilis' potential book keeping job will cause her to move up in social class.
Hypothesis: Eilis will try to connect with her mom more. Mrs. Lacey might move to America to be with Eilis.
Racial Prejudice
"It's Rose...Your mother found her dead this morning." - Father Flood (p.170)
"And I said when your daddy died that I shouldn't cry to much because I had you and Rose and the boys and when the boys left I said the same and when you left I had Rose, but I have no one at all now, Eily, I have no one."
-Mrs. Lacey (p.173)
"I think she wants you to come home..." -Jack Lacey (p.181)
"She wondered how she would know if she was pregnant..."
-Narrator [about Eilis] (p.187)
"What will you do if you are pregnant?"
"He will want to marry me, Father."
"Do you want to marry him?"
She could not answer. After a while, he asked her again, his tone sympathetic.
"I would like to marry him," she said hesitantly, "but I am not ready to marry him now." -The priest and Eilis (p.188)
"She noticed a woman studying her dress and her stockings and her shoes and then her tanned skin, and she realized with amusement as she moved towards Nancy's house that she must look glamorous in the streets." -Narrator [about Eilis] (p.207)
"She did not want anyone to see Eilis who might invite her our or cause her or leave her mother's side at any point."
-Narrator [about Mrs. Lacey] (p.208)
"He was a terrible pain in the neck even though George says he's really a nice fellow if you get to know him."
-Nancy (p.210)
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