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Shelter the Arts

COM 352

Patrick Boardman

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Shelter the Arts

Double click anywhere & add an idea COM 352 - Business Presentation Background Shelter the Arts is dedicated to fostering arts education within the youth of Atlanta's urban community. Partnering with local animal shelters, we offer a unique after-school program which provides children with an opportunity to restore the image of certain dog breeds perceived to be aggressive. The children embark on a journey which will culminate in creative works such as murals, poetry, or songs which draw inspiration from the relationships formed with the animals. Mission Statement We are: After-school arts education/animal advocacy hybrid
Non-profit research iniative
Grant-funded by Atlanta Public School System Organizational Structure STA - Comprised of:

Directing Staff (Supervises the initiative)
Research Assistants (Gathers data)
Volunteer Instructors (Engages Participants)
Local artists (Contribute through their craft)
Youth (Participants in program)
Organizational Culture Values:
Social Responsibility
Core Beliefs:
Arts education yields positive youth
Animal rights must be properly publicized and addressed Business Plan In order to be a successful research initiatve, STA must... Postively impact Atlanta's youth:
Academic performance
Crime rate decrease
Quarterly Showcase
Art auctions
Donations Gain local support! Strategic Growth Plan Collect Data
Publish Report
Present to Federal Department of Education
Implement initiative elsewhere Basic Communication Recruiting Strategy Crisis Communication STA offers the opportunity for:

Animal shelter staff - raise awareness

Music and art teachers - impact community

Local celebrity artists - charitable endeavors

College students - internships in education, sociology, and psychology Workers Students Emphasize benefits, exposure, and special guests Leadership Style (with Students):
Model - Human Relations/Resources
Hands-on Procedure:
Behavioral interviews
Style (with staff):
Model - Systems/Contingency
Academic Integrity

Crisis! Pit Bull attack in Atlanta Metro area
City Council calling for Pit Bull Ban
STA comes under fire
Step 1 Hold an internal meeting with Shelter the Arts staff and children Step 2 Contact Media to make statement Step 3 Collect relevant statistics, footage, and personal testimonies Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Use collected information to begin social media campaign Attend Council meeting, fielding all questions
Maintain poise and confidence in intiative Carry on with STA events
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