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next steps prezi ver2

No description

Galvin Ngo

on 26 July 2010

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Transcript of next steps prezi ver2

work world
next steps www.operationnext.tk next@my.xs.edu.ph aim Prepare students for a Teach students in a way
that matches The way they learn
outside the classroom
student-centered learning
global communication
& authentic assessment Encourage Differentiated/
Multiple Intelligence
Instruction Technology-infused
work world shift stages rewards support new experiences with technology Teachers are no longer Students are! the technology experts Students want More Freedom
& Choice More Planning,
Easier Checking Teacher's Work From tools to
Educational Purpose Teacher's training ver 2.0 ...................................................................... The Teacher : "Techie Sage on the Stage"
Uses various presentation/audio visual tools
(powerpoint, keynote, Prezi, Mimio, etc)

The Student : RECEIVES CONTENT From the Teacher

The Classroom : Technology-enriched, tapping into
multiple intelligences TECHNOLOGY-ENRICHED,
BROADCAST LEARNING 1 The Teacher : "An Occassional Sage on the Stage"
Allows the student to use the internet to

The Student : RECEIVES CONTENT from the teacher
LOCATES CONTENT on their own
COLLABORATES even beyond
the classroom

The Classroom : More student-centered.

INTERACTIVE LEARNING 2 3 The Teacher : "A Sage on the Side"
Occassionally gives mini-lessons, but is now primarily
a designer of student-centered learning experiences,
a facilitator of reflection, and a coach of transfer/application.

The Student : Participates in a VIRTUAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT

The Classroom : Primarily student-centered.
The students perform more or less the same tasks
as in Stage 2. In Stage 3, technology ceases to be a mere
occasional tool, but now serves as the very environment
for learning.
INTERACTIVE LEARNING The Teacher : "Sage for Sage"
Focus shifts from the class of students to our professional
community of teachers. This mentoring may be manifested
through teacher blogs and formal and informal training that
s/he offers to colleagues.

Awards will be given
- for tech integration
-related to stages
- based on projects
/ lessons
- details to follow individually meet teachers (via appointment)
individually meet students (through website or email) from Faculty & Staff www.operationnext.tk next@my.xs.edu.ph Meetings/
Brainstorming On Demand Department Academic Pool of consultants Will students forget basic communication skills
and be too tied to the computer and technology
because of 1:1?
In Pleasanton, California, students from
Harvest Park Middle School who participated
in the notebook program scored 6 percent to
13 percent higher than their peers without
notebooks. Will we leave slower students behind
through a 1:1 program? Research results indicate that 1 to 1
learning programs result in significant
performance, attendance, and behavior
improvements in schools with high
populations of disadvantaged students
(Bonifaz & Zucker, 2004; Gravelle, April 2003). Will a classroom be impossible to handle
when we give all of them computers to use? In one district in Maine, behavior letters
sent home dramatically decreased 54 percent,
while student attendance increased 7.7 percent
(Lemke & Martin, December 2003).
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