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High Availability in OpenStack

An overview of high availability features in OpenStack Folsom. Presented at CloudOpen 2012.

Florian Haas

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of High Availability in OpenStack

High Availability in OpenStack

Florian Haas
CloudOpen 2012
San Diego, CA Prevent what, exactly? Y U No HA? Actually, it's coming. MySQL RabbitMQ Swift Glance Keystone Nova Cinder Boot from volume Compute Twitter: #openstack #cloudopen @hastexo 99.99% Ceph Infrastructure HA HA Capability All Infrastructure Services Optional All trademarks mentioned in this presentation are the property of their respective owners. Totally no good. Florian High Availability Storage & Replication Open Source Cloud Nova Glance Keystone ... MySQL VIP DRBD DRBD So. What is High Availability? Prevention No good. Also, no good. Got HA? No good. Corosync Virtual
Synchrony Reliable
Passing Quorum
Arbitration 9 High Availability Load Balancing This talk:
http://www.hastexo.com/cloudopen2012 Instance High Availability Available <1 hour/year Definitely. Took 'em a while. Folsom Design Summit Definitive HA Stack OpenStack HA Guide RBD/Cinder RBD/Glance CephFS/Nova 4 Qpid? Networking nova-network Quantum t Separate repo
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