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12 Angry Men!

No description

ariel prospel

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of 12 Angry Men!

12 angry men is about getting a fair trail to a 19 years old boy who was accused of killing his father by stabbing. The story took place is a court room. Twelve jurors were signed to discuss the case and figure out if the boy was guilty or not, depending on the amount of evidence they had. Since it was a very hot summer day during the 1950's all the jurors just wanted to vote guilty and get out of the court. On the other hand, juror number 8 didn't want to vote guilty and hang the boy to death. He wanted to talk about the case and look over all the evidence.

The Story took place:
During the 1950's in a very hot summer day.
In the courtroom.
I think the theme of the play is Sometimes what is displayed is not what it is...sometimes we have to think deep
BY: Ariel Prospel
"12 Angry Men"

Ms. Gallia
Twelve Angry Men!
Regnald Rose
Fiction, play
The Conflict of the story in that the disagreement of the jurors whether the boy is guilty or not.
Plot of the Play!
: at the beginning, most of
jurors were voting guilty because
they were stress out, they just wanted to leave the room.
Rising action:
but there was a juror, #8 he wanted justice, so he search for evidence to show.
juror #8 was giving evidence of the child not been not guilty, and its was working because the jurors were thinking in changing their vote.
Falling Action:
This actions led to juror #8 changing almost everyone's mind to voting not guilty except for one Juror #3.
But at the end, everybody was against juror #3 because he wanted the kid to burn in
the guiltiness, he didn't like the idea, so
he stood with the idea.
This phrase means that the things that you see or they want you to see, are not always what they look like, for example a really old store, they can make it look really nice from the outside but once you go inside, you will see that it's all ruin and its not as pretty as you
see it outside.
Characters of the play!
Juror #2
Juror #3
Juror #4
Juror #5
Juror #6
Juror #7
Juror #8
Juror #9
Juror #10
Juror #11
Juror #12
The old man who lived downstairs
The woman who lived across the EL train
To be specific, there conflict was that the boy was been accused of killing his own father. Thus there was people that saw him committing the crime, the old man who lived downstairs heard the boy scream, "I'm gonna kill you." right when the EL train was going trough. In addition, the woman living across the EL train saw the murderer happen right before when she was going to sleep. However, the kid says that he didn't kill his father
One connection that i have in my life is that my mom back at my country, my mom went she was 30 years old. She went to a court because my grandfather was fighting for a farm land, so my grandfather needed my mother's help to win the court.
Another connection that i have in my life is that my teacher, Ms.Gallia went to court because she was called to be in a case about someone raping another person.
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