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Who are PMO?

WWL PMO Functions and Remit

Lewis Standring

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Who are PMO?

Who are the PMO? We have many branches to our tree... Aims Functions Transformation Program Design, Implementation and Management Service Improvement To Continually encourage and invite ideas Improve Knowledge To ensure Projects are aligned to the organisational strategy What does PMO stand for? Where Are We Based? Who are we? What, Who and Where? PMO stands for -
Programme Management Office We are a team of 11 with a range of backgrounds and experience. These include
Operations management
Project management
Ex clinicians
IM&T backgrounds
Admin and clerical
Ex graduate management trainees
Private Sector

We have key links to other departments within the Trust including HR, Finance and Communications Our office is situated in the old UCLAN building at the back of The Elms (Trust Headquarters) on the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary Site in Wigan The PMO will ensure all projects and schemes that are initiated align with the overall Trust objectives and strategy To manage all projects to deliver on time and within budget resulting in organisation wide benefits To improve the education and knowledge within the Trust in relation to project management, service improvement and service transformation Driving WWL transformation activities, this includes
Diagnosing transformation opportunities
Generating improvement ideas
Collecting, collating and prioritising transformation ideas
Structuring specific improvement initiatives
Sequencing and planning the implementation
Managing the implementation
Monitoring and reporting progress
Problem-solving issue areas
Tracking benefits and measuring impact

The PMO will also design and continually develop project management standard documentation to be used Trust-wide Guiding transition from a process’ current state to an improved future state this includes -
Working with services to identify areas for improvement
Process mapping and value stream mapping
Facilitating team events/away days
Providing training support on service improvement techniques/tools QIPP Borough-wide Programme Support The PMO has been commissioned to provide programme management support and expertise to the 4 QIPP borough-wide schemes of work, these include -
Long term Conditions
Falls To deliver Successful Projects To encourage all employees to generate ideas for improvement, cost savings, income generation
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