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New shopping experience. Great business idea

Anastasia Bochkareva

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Surmesur

Company Tailor-made clothing store for men
Already profitable
Turnover $ 3,5 mln 1986 2010 (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Trip to Asia 2009 September studied management
North Carolina, U.S. worked in finance in the U.S.
for 6 months Question : How did the idea
of Surmesur come
to your mind? What kind of enterpreneur
is François? Butterfly Libertine Missionary CAPvs PIC Key success factors of the fashion industry Rapid response to fashion trends
Production flexibility
Fast logistics
Wide assortment
Brand awareness
Modern promotion tools
Expertise in design P E S T Trade agreements
Labor Consumer
controls demand Competition Trends Media portraits Tailor made clothes Internet Easier to design and visualize PEST Fashion Industry Porter analysis Trends Member (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Globalization Internet Shorter
Life Cycle Customization Outsourcing Market Market definition Size: $ 1,3 bln
Growth: -3 % Size:$10,3
Growth:-2% Competitors Customization Price Suppliers Accessories Sewing Web site Clients Creatives Man
Age: 20-35
Income: medium & high
High loyalty
Frequency of purchases:
~ 2 weeks
Values: ability to create Fashion
victims Man
Age: 20- 45
Income: medium & high
High loyalty
Frequency of purchases:
~ 1 a month
Values: be in trends Boring
laywers Man
Age: 35-55
Income: medium & high
Moderate loyalty
Frequency of purchases:
~ 2 - 3 months
Values: quality / price Corporate &
uniform B2B Question:
How do you see your company
in December 2014? 4 Ps Product Custom made to order shirts, suits,
coats for man.
Order fullfilled in: 2 weeks
Types of fabric~ 25 000
Average time in the shop ~ 30 min Place Fancy designed store
in Quebec city Price Promotion O $ advertising budget 'To run a small enterprize you need
to be creative since you don't have the same advertising budgets as big companies '
François Word-of-Mouth Social
Visibility Events Social media Free PR in media 'Everyone knows how to do it,
but to actually DO it in real life
is something completely different'
François PR Marketing Accounting Sew 'handshaking' Question:
How do you share responsibilities
with your brother? Competitive & Distinctive
advantages Short-term plans What's next? Maintaining chain (own/franchise)

Internet-based business

Sell business growth Challenges Scaling of enterprise
New markets' uncertainty
Need for investment Recommendation Formalization of employees'roles
Assessment (KPI)
Market research system
Decision: franchising/partnership Clothing retail
transfers to Internet:
Scanning new trends 6th largest manufacturing employer in Canada
Quèbec accounts for 55% of apparel production
75% have less than 50 employees
Declining exports and increasing imports
Most export to the United States Overview Question:
How can you define the
mission of your company? 'Star' Structure Did you ever foresee yourself
becoming an entrepreneur? Shop assistant Question January 2012:
New store in Montreal Spring-summer 2012: Competitive advantages :
quality product
good customer service
location Distinctive advantages:
Customization :
product (close to co-creation)
personalized service
Huge choice
Low price
New purchase experience Opinion leaders $ 30 $ 50 $ 100 Flexible price
Customer negotiation power Business Model Web based application
for choosing design Entrepreneur : François Thériault

Anastasia Bochkareva
Anna Kolechkina
Laure Coromines
Marc Giordanengo
Daniel Bilde Target more
'boring lawyers ' segment promo materials
in business centres,
catalogs www.surmesur.ca Fabric Fabric Brand idea Brand character Brand values Rational
benefits Freedom for every man
to create an image
he has always yearned for Stylish
Unique Creativity
Combination of exclusivity & availability
Quality Emotional
benefits Perfectly fitted clothes
made from high-quality fabrics Fulfillment of creating
personal image Brand Pyramid Create community of customers in FB
Be intellectual leader of your field -
provide customers through FB page with last fashion trends, 'rules' of well-dressing, combination of colors, any information which can be useful for them Building loyalty 3 awards
2011 Traditional promo tools: Social
visibility Stylish and pure outlines of the letters + grey & red color scheme underlines commitment to the world of man fashion Brand attributes
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