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Microeconomics - Future of Qatar

Qatar's foreign investments, done by the students of Qatar University: Mohammed Shameem Mustafa Omerspahich

Mustafa Omerspahić

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Microeconomics - Future of Qatar

Done By:
Mohammed Shameem
Mustafa Omerspahic

Future of Qatar
Internal (Education)
Internal (Education)
Internal (Diversification)
Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world
with highest GDP per capital in the world

Gains GDP from hydrocarbon extraction

Plans to diversify its economy to cater future need

Dubai a post-oil era state with financial hub of the region through free zones and tourism based economy

Unlike Dubai, Qatar tries to create a Knowledge based economy, becoming center stage of hosting international events and global investments
Internal (Diversification)
Qatar Liquified Natural Gas is the biggest gas exporter
in the world, with an output level, the oil reserve will last for the next 55 years

More need for energy in developing countries increase the
demand (India & China) with steady supply of Liquified Natural Gas
Internal and External investments
1- Knowledge based economy
2- Central stage of hosting international events

1- Use oil revenue to make global investments
Diversion of economy
Qatarisation plays a key role in the process of diversification on the economy, attempting to put Qataris into jobs on merit rather than recommendations or family connections; need for better educational systems
Independent Schooling System, overseen and funded
by Supreme Education Council, Independent schools
choose their own curriculum, appoint teachers and priorities

Combination of the both public and private sector schooling systems
Education City, aims to bring best international education
to Qatar, it already has:
- George Town University
- Carnegie Mellon University
- University of College London

"We embrace our responsibility to play a key role in the dialogue on quality education in Qatar; an education that will help shape the future of the country" professor Sheikha Abdullah Al Misnad, president of Qatar University
Qatar began to diversify its economy by establishing
energy intensive industries, ex Qatalum, one of the largest aluminum plants

Qatar is moving towards privatizing in almost all sectors & some companies in small & medium scale industry

Qatar plans to become a host nation, hosting both diplomatic and sporting events (hosting FIFA world cup 2022)
External Investments
Qatar Investments Authority (QIA), with the backing from strong domestic economy, is steadfast in widening its investments

QIA's investments targets does not have no competition due to recession and persisting uncertainty in the global financial market

With the aim of moving away from the dependence of oil and gas revenue, QIA has been investing around the globe
External Investments
Some of the Qatari investments:
- 5.2% Tiffany jewelry
- Hollywood film Studio Miramax
- Harrods luxury department store in London
- 3% stake in Total oil company
- shares in Barclays Bank & Volkswagen
- Paris Saint Germain
- $100 + billion investments in Shell

"Anything at the right price, I'm ready to buy" Hussain Al Abdullah, member of QIA executive board
Internal methods include giving importance to:
Create a knowledge based economy
Promoting private business
Becoming host nation

Outside of Qatar
Acquiring shares in companies around the globe

According to IMF, Qatar's economy is set to become the best performer in the region

Hydrocarbon share in overall Qatari's GDP will reduce in the following years from 57% to 42$ by 2016, this shows Qatar is slowly moving towards economic diversification
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