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What human activities pose major threats to marine systems a

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Clarisse Magallanes

on 25 August 2013

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Transcript of What human activities pose major threats to marine systems a

human activities
pose major threats
to marine systems
and coral reefs?
Pollution (land/water/air-based)
Water Pollution
-Contaminates & damages the marine ecosystem
-Fishes & other marine life get suffocated by non-biodegradable pollutants
-We hinder the ability of marine life to reproduce sustainably
-We take their food away from them
Air Pollution
-Increasing atmospheric gases make oceans acidic
-Warmer oceans decrease phytoplanktons
-Carbon dioxide increases, oxygen decreases.
Habitat Damage
Dynamite fishing
What type of biome do you live in?
(If you live in a developed area, what type of biome was the area before it was developed?)
Tropical Grassland
Angono, Rizal
Calamba, Laguna
Taft, Eastern Samar
Oriental Mindoro
San Pedro, Laguna
-Tropical grasslands are dominated by grasses, they develop in regions where the climax community should be forest, but drought and fire prevent the establishment of many trees.
-Tropical grasslands are found in tropical wet and dry climates.
List three ways in which
your lifestyle could be contributing to degradation of this biome.
Usage of Aircon & other material-producing CFCs
Commuting (Carbon emitted by vehicles)
Excessive use of electricity

What can you do to prevent degradation
of your biome and marine life?

-Lessen the use of electricity & water
-Walk or use less non-carbon emitting mode of transportation
-Proper disposal of garbage
-Plant trees
-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
-Do not be part of the destruction
GROUP 7, BR3 [AR151]
Balmes, Jezza Maria Reyes, Mary Faye
Dolores, Beatrice Ann Solis, Ynarae Victoria
Famisaran, Krystal Claire
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