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Colin Farrell

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Prehistory

World History I - Standard 2
Local climate and geography forced early humans to live as hunter-gatherers
Early humans lived off land
Constantly moved to stay safe and close to food sources
Paleolithic Era
Moved in search of food, shelter
Invented the first tools
(Including simple weapons)
Learned how to make and use fire
Lived in clans
(Large family groups, consisted of 100-200 people)
Had Oral Language & Cave Art
(The Old Stone Age)
Then, farming* happened...
Early humans eventually begin to domesticate plants and animals
These meant less...
And therefore, way more...
Food is now super easy to come by...
So people have time to develop, advance, and improve themselves
Some of the first things Neolithic people figure out:
Advanced tools/weaponry:
From this point, we have our world's first major civilizations
Civilization & Culture
Weaving skills & pottery:
*Neolithic Era
(New Stone Age)
Agricultural Revolution
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